Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brown The Cool-Looking Canine!

I'd been so busy during X'mas! I had to play the X'mas reindeer and I had to carry a huge sack on my back to deliver the presents to everyone at home. It was such hard work and I was sweating like mad after that! Boy, I must be getting old too!! Either that, or it must be the heatwave!

The weather's been hot lately (despite being December when it usually rains) and guess what I got for my X'mas present? A lovely pair of sunglasses!! Jules says that I look like a cool Californian surfer dude and Sharon thinks that the frames blend in really well with my facial contours! Karen thinks it's good protection against the harmful UV rays and against cataracts! So now when I go for my walks, Jules will wear my shades for me! Wow, I guess I will be the centre of attention as not many doggies out there wear such cool shades! Hey, maybe the marketing folks at Oakley or RayBan might consider starting a canine range for doggies like us after they see this picture!

A very Happy New Year to all my friends out there!

Lots of Love from the Brown Furry Monster,


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Brown The Shar-Pei

I have a triple chin and lots of folds of neck fat. Now, everyone thinks that I have shar-pei bloodline in my genes! Boy, this must be my punishment for begging Jules for all the scraps and for stealing food off Sharon's plate when she's not looking! Karen was grooming me that day and while she was brushing my fur coat, she noticed that I developed a few extra chins: "shar-pei"-like qualities...Thank God I don't have those wrinkles on my face and around my big brown eyes! I must start to do something serious now lest I end up looking like a true blood shar-pei!


Saturday, December 10, 2005


Karen has been so busy with her work these days. But despite her busy schedule, she still devotes one entire day to me!! Wow! I must really be very special to her!! Karen has not been getting enough sleep and when she came down to see me last week, she dozed off next to me and we ended up catching an afternoon nap together. I'm really so touched by her love and devotion to me! While we were both sound asleep, I had a pleasant dream! I dreamt that I was with Karen. We were both running through the lush green meadows and we were smelling the flowers that bloomed in the meadows. It was spring time, the birds were singing, the sun was shining and there was even a rainbow! That was my wonderful dream; I wondered if Karen also had the same dream?

Later in the evening, I put on my reindeer antlers and I did my Christmas rehearsal as the X'mas reindeer. I carried a bag of wrapped presents and I had to remember where to put Sharon's present (on the dressing table), where to put Jule's present (on his writing desk), was tiring and the bag was so heavy! I was drained and soon after that, I collapsed on the floor. Karen saw the golden opportunity to use me as her brown furry pillow and she ended sleeping on me! Later, she told Sharon that I was the best pillow in the world as I was nice, warm, furry and fuzzy! The pillows on her bed are stuffed with feathers and they don't keep her that warm! She also added that her pillows don't have that nice doggy smell! Aw....I'm shedding a tear!


My New Cesar Bed!!

Karen took part in a Cesar contest a few months ago and guess what? Her entry won me a new bed!! Boy, I was overjoyed when I saw it! It looks so Scottish and it has red Steward tartan checks! It is even branded with the Cesar logo! I want to thank all the lovely people at Cesar for organising such contests to make doggies like us happy! It really brightens our mundane days and it gives us more motivation to be good doggies!

My new Cesar bed is so soft and comfortable! It also keeps me warm during those cold rainy nights! I wanted Sharon, Jules and Karen to try out and sleep with me on new bed but unfortunately, they cannot fit into it...that's a pity...Thank you, Karen, for winning me this beautiful bed! I love you from the botton of my brown brown heart!! XXX


Monday, December 05, 2005

Lock, Stock & Brown Smoking Dog

I get 'cigarettes' (doggie snacks in cigarette form) when I am a good girl or after a bath. It takes me just 10 minutes to 'smoke' my 'cigarette' and best of all, all I need are a few sticks a day to keep me happy! My ciggies are cheap as compared to the human type and Jules got me 1000 sticks for free when I won a $100 pet shop voucher in the Straits Times contest. That's enough to last me for a long long time!

Unlike human cigarettes, mine do not contain an ounce of nicotine or tobacco and are also edible! They are yummy too! They won't give you lung cancer or oral cancer but may have the undesired effect of obesity if too much is consumed.

I love this photo! Sharon thinks I'm cute! Jules says that I can be a cigarette poster girl and Karen feels that I look like the cowboy John Wayne...I think Brown Wayne would be a suitable title!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Second Chance For Hannah

This article appeared in the papers a few weeks back. When I read it, I was flooded with a lot of emotions. I was hurt, incensed, relieved and overjoyed. Hurt, because I don't understand why people can be so cruel to animals. Incensed, because I cannot comprehend how someone could just leave an injured dog like that in a hit-and-run accident. I mean, I was once a stray and I know how hard life is out there in the open. How can some humans be so heartless and cruel? Don't they realise that we are also God's little creatures and that our lives are also precious? If you saw a child starving on the street, what would you do? I am sure many of the kind souls out there would buy the child some food or drink and would do their best to help the child seek shelter in a warm and loving home which would enable the child to grow up in a conducive environment. Many angels would do their best to ensure that the under-privileged child would have a fighting chance for equal opportunities in life.

If you saw an injured person lying on the street writhing and moaning in pain, what would you do? Surely, no one who has a heart would turn a blind eye and walk away? So similarly, it is the same for us. What makes us so different from humans that renders us so undeserving of compassion and love? Just because we walk on four legs? Or is the fact that we have fur and tails? Or can it be the fact that we have been unjustly branded as 'pests', 'vermin' and 'a nuisance'? Why? Just because we bark occasionally to communicate? Just because we rummage through the trash cans to fill our starving tummies? Or just because we occupy some space at the void decks in order to get some shelter from the elements? Or can it be because of the fact that we are just homeless strays (not by choice) and have been unfairly classified as 'dirty', 'fierce' and 'flea-ridden'? Perhaps some would even go so far to argue that just because we are not pure-bred pedigree dogs, we are at the lowest runk of this highly stratified society, are labelled as 'outcasts' and thus, do not even deserve a single ounce of dignity, love, kindness and compassion?

We have to be very aware that all of us are God's creatures and just by this fact, all of us have the right to live and all of us deserve our fair share of love, dignity, kindness and compassion from others. Man might have been given the role as a steward from the Creator to protect and to care for His lesser beings, but that does not make him so superior to the extent that he can just dominate and rule with an iron fist and with no sense of social justice or compassion. God loves each and every single one of His creatures: big, small, beautiful, fat, thin, ugly, slimy, scaly, etc...All of us are put here for a purpose and that is for all of us to learn to live in harmony and to love and appreciate one another for the goodness that all of us have in us.

Please do not give strays like us nasty labels like 'low class', 'pariah', 'vermin', 'pests'...labels are all socially constructed and it is all subjective and relative. They are all subject to change and are not supreme. The only thing that is supreme is love and from love, we can derive all sorts of virtues like compassion, kindess and hope.

I am also relieved and overjoyed because a very kind soul by the name of Dr. Maggie Gremli has seen the inner beauty of Hannah and has given her a loving home that she rightfully deserves. It is fantastic when we have such beautiful and touching endings. Please remember that we are not homeless strays by choice. We were just born into unfortunate circumstances. We are all God's creatures and we also have our dignity and pride. We deserve love and care; just like anyone else. Please have a heart and some mercy for us and help us to have a better life. The first small step to take would be acceptance. Please try to accept us. And the second step is even easier! Just open your arms wide to us and welcome us to a loving home. You can be very sure that you will be rewarded with lots of love and loyalty from simple doggies like us who would make wonderful pets and this in itself, is a very pure and joyful reward that money cannot buy. And as Karen always says: The best welcome one could get would be a doggie's welcome when you get home from work!

Remember, the wise Gandhi once said that you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. Let's hope that we are on the right side of judgment!


Friday, November 25, 2005

Bad Fur Day

It's one of those horrid old pictures of mine that I would rather put away and forget...Even I can't look pretty all the time...Looks like I woke up on the wrong side of bed and had a major hangover...Geesh! This photo needs major touching up! Thank God I don't look so bad for the remaining 364 days of the year!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Home Alone

I'm awfully sad and it's a slow, slow day for me today. The sky is gray, the clouds are overcast, the birds aren't singing and I am feeling blue...Why? Cos' I am home alone! Oh, how I dread the weekdays (unless is it a public holiday)!

You know, I've grown so attached to Sharon and Jules; I want to spend every moment of my life with them. I'd get really sad when they both go to work and leave me all alone at home to take care of the house. I have my breakfast and my lunch all made and prepared for me but I don't have the appetite to eat unless someone is home with me (food does not taste good when you eat alone)! I've got all my wonderful doggie toys to play with, but hey, how fun can it be when you are playing all alone with no playmate?

Sometimes, when the loneliness gets too unbearable for me, I would cry and pine for them. I'd whine a little too (hope it does not annoy the neighbours too much), but I just cannot help it. Karen comes in once a week and that makes me feel really special cos' Karen takes one day of her busy week to spend it with me! Occasionally, Jules' Daddy wound pop by and he would give me a bone to chew on. I would be so delighted for the treat but once he is gone, I would push the bone away and wait for my masters to come home.

Everyone who comes and visits me would know that I am famous for my 'million-dollar' welcome and everyone knows equally well that when they want to say 'bye-bye', they will not get a 'million-dollar' goodbye as I would just lie away from the door and I would stay very quiet and look away from the door. Everyone knows that Brownie does not like goodbyes. I want my masters, my family and my friends all to be with me always. Once everyone leaves, I would rush to the window to see where they are heading to and I would often bark and cry out and ask them to take me out along with them (I promise to behave and to be a good girl!). Sharon can't take me to work cos' no pets are allowed at her workplace (if only bosses allowed their staff to bring their doggies to work!) and Jules lectures in a huge school, so some students may get scared at the sight of a huge, furry, brown monster tagging along with Jules (think 'bodyguard' with brown fur). Karen spends most of her time doing research in a library, so doggies are not allowed there as they might bark, drool or beg for food (highly unlikely for me as I would most likely be curled up next to her feet sleeping while she reads). But, I guess there is a place in this world for busy people and there is a place in this world for home-based doggies like me.

Well, I guess since everyone has a job and task to fulfill, I have mine too and for me, it is to guard the house and keep it safe from the naughty people called thieves and robbers. I would snarl, bark and bite them if they ever dared to come into my house!

In the meantime, while I focus on keeping the thieves at bay (Brownie is an excellent crimebuster!), I will also count down the hours and minutes before my masters come home! The happiest moment of my day would always be the time when Sharon and Jules come home! That's when I get all my TLC and attention! Here's a recent photo of me hanging out by the window, watching the world go by and waiting for my masters to come home from a busy day's work to their faithful doggie.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Fitness Routine With Jules

Jules is really the best personal trainer that any doggie could ask for in this world! Every day, rain or shine, Jules will take me out for my 30-minute long walks. Sometimes, we would stroll at a leisurely pace; at other times, we would be running drills military-style. Boy, it can be really exhausting! Sometimes, I wonder how Jules does it (he's only got 2 legs and I have 4)! If the weather is good, he would even take me hill-climbing (there is a small hill near our place) and once I am up there (there is a flat, plateau-like open space up there), he would release the leash to let me run freely for a short while. It kills my legs when we climb the hill but Jules is such a great motivator! When he senses that I am tired, he'd start cheering me on and he will even sing army songs. That will always get me going! So, whenever I get bogged down with the philosophies of life and living, I would always recall those struggling moments of Jules and me at our hill-climbing stints and that will never fail to motivate me to make things better!

Also, due to the intensity of the climb, both of us will usually spend the first few minutes at the top of the hill lying on our backs to catch our breath (sometimes, I drool all over Jules, but he doesn't seem to mind!). Once we get that done, we would do a little bit of exploring as we have a great sense of adventure! We even discovered a family of strays living at a corner of the hill! I approached them and tried to make friends, but I think they're afraid of humans and are also quite territorial of their space. Anyway, I took a photo of my friends who live up the hill to show to all of you.

I wished that Sharon and Karen would join us on our hill-climbing adventures (that would be fun!), but both of them are not too keen on fitness, so till I convince them further, it will just be Jules and me for now. This may sound a little bit ambitious, but someday, I hope to scale the heights of Mount Everest with Jules! We'd be the first doggie and master team in the world to do so! So in the meantine, it will just be the two of us homing on our mountain-climbing and peak-scaling skills for now at the small hill behind our house.


Friday, October 28, 2005

The Photo On Karen's Desk

If you go to Karen's room and peep at her writing desk, you will see the photo of a very, very, very special person: ME! Ok, I told a half-truth.... Karen has a very treasured photo of her beloved late Aunt (whom I have sadly never met), but besides her Aunt, the only other photo on her desk is that of me!!

Boy, I was so happy when I learnt that Karen decided to put my photo in such a prominent place! When questioned by Sharon, she told Sharon that the very sight of me fills her with joy and makes all her worries go away!

Anyway, this special photo of mine was taken 2 years back while I was still living in Mummy's house. Sharon cut it into a doggy shape and she gave it to Karen as a birthday card (my first birthday card to Karen!). Karen mounted it on some expensive paper and it is now sitting underneath her table lamp.

So everytime when she gets stressed out with her paperwork, all she needs to do is to take a look at me! Brownie the Brown Monster is an excellent form of therapy! I radiate so much love that even when absent, Karen can feel all my doggie love and affection!

PS: I am sure if Karen ever became a medical doctor, she would pioneer a form of therapy for stressed-out humans and it would be called Brown Monster Therapy! All they need to do is to stare at my photo, look deep into my cute and innocent eyes and I am sure all their worries would melt away! How's that for an instant cure at your desk? No need to jet away to some sun-drenched beach half a world away!

Lots of Brown Love,


Thursday, October 27, 2005

ER Brown Monster Style

I swallowed an entire ear digger last week. You know, the wooden Japanese types that have a spherical shaped doll on top? Yeah, I actually swallowed one of those! I was watching the circus on TV and I was so impressed and fascinated by those amazing acrobats who were swallowing knives and fire like it was nothing! Wow! They looked so amazing! I was wondering how they did it....anyway, I decided to try out with something safer and so I used the ear digger.

I sneaked to a quite corner of the house to try out my stunt. Sharon noticed that something was amiss and when she saw half of the digger in my mouth, she screamed and tried to get it out. But because of her back injury, she could not bend down too low to pry open my mouth. She yelled for Jules to come and by the time he was here, the only thing left was wooden fragments of the round Japanese doll! Hehe! It was quite a scene having them both pry open my mouth and trying to get the bits out....

They told Karen and she was really worried...she came round to see me the next day but, I was in good shape! I even managed to beg Mummy and made her part with her last 2 sticks of chicken satay! Karen says that if I start turning blue or acting weird, she will drive me to the ER (Emergency Room) of the vet's. She has been on stand-by 24/7 since that fateful day. Talking about the vet, I found another old photo of me at the vet. This was my 2nd visit to the vet and it was for a routine check-up. Karen looks so proud of me!
PS: Check out the photo of the ear-digger (or whatever that's left of it...)


Brown Monster's Next Birthday!

Lilypie Baby Ticker

Sharon created this cute birthday cartoon for ME!!! I saw Karen tucking into a rich piece of chocolate cake that day and boy, I can't wait till it's my birthday!! I only get cake once a year, so birthdays are very special to me!! Karen says that too much cake is bad for me, so I'll just have to wait....and yes, it will be a triple celebration because Karen, Danny and me are born on the same day!! Different years, of course!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Ride Home

I had woken up very early that morning to prepare myself for the Animal Blessing Day! I said my morning prayers, went for my morning walk (with Jules) and also got a shower (from Jules). Boy, it was such a long and tiring day for me! Check out this photo of me at the backseat of the car! Jules drove, Sharon took this wonderful shot and Karen was my travelling companion. The minute we got home, I closed my eyes and before everyone knew it, I fell asleep! I was so exhausted, I forgot to remove my lovely blue scarf! Thank you to Sharon, Jules and Karen! I really appreciate all of you for all that you had done for me! I promise to give you all of my doggie love!! xxx


Prayer For Animals

Prayer For Animals

God Our Heavenly Father, You created the world to serve humanity's needs and to lead them to You. By our own fault we have lost the beautiful relationship which we once had with all your creation. Help us to see that by restoring our relationship with You we will also restore it with all Your creation. Give us the grace to see all animals as gifts from You and to treat them with respect for they are Your creation. We pray for all animals who are suffering as a result of our neglect. May the order You originally established be once again restored to the whole world through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary, the prayers of St. Francis and the merits of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ Who lives and reigns with You now and forever. Amen.

-Saint Francis of Assisi
(1181- 1226)


Animal Blessing Day (2005)

The Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi falls on 4th Oct every year. For those who are non-Catholics, St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. I will get to go to church on this very special day once every year to receive my blessings from the priests. They will bless me in the name of St Francis and God and they will pray for me to have a long, healthy and loving life with my owners. That's so wonderful! I really look forward to this big day every year with anxious anticipation. Sharon, Jules and Karen brought me there. There were so many animals this year! And there was also a mini funfair with stalls selling doggie products. We decided not to buy any products for my indulgence as we also wanted to remember the homeless strays and unwanted pets at SPCA. But, I was so excited when I saw a Cesar stall (my favourite food)! Karen went up there as she was hoping to see Chin Ru (the nice lady at Cesar who gave me a prize some time back). But unfortunately, Chin Ru was not there. What a pity! I was looking forward to seeing her and offering her my paw as a sign of friendship! Anyway, the wonderful people at Cesar were giving away a free packet of Cesar, so Karen took one for me as my present!

Anyway, here are some photos that Sharon took of this very special day (Sharon was the photographer this year). There's one of Br. Rowland and Tricks (the church beagle). Tricks got to wear a doggie version of the Franciscan habit; I think he looks stunning! The next one shows Jules carrying me. Actually, Jules was carrying the front part of me and Karen was carrying my backside (but she's hidden from view in this shot)! How embarrassing! I think I've gained to much weight over the past year, Jules cannot carry me alone now without any help! When the priests saw me being carried by two people, they were trying very hard to suppress their laughter! Gee, I guess I must appear to look very comical...the 3rd photo shows Br. Justin (who blessed me) conducting a blessing and the final shot shows more animals getting blessed by Brs. William, Justin and Fr. Clifford.

The lucky animals (like me) had the chance go to church with our loving owners on this very special day to receive our blessings. But, there are many more out there who are not as fortunate as us and many of my friends are out there under the scorching sun and pouring rain with no food to eat. Some of my buddies are also at the SPCA awaiting to be adopted. They were all either lost or abandoned and no one came forward to claim them. If you wish to buy a dog, please consider adopting on of my pals from the SPCA or Action For S'pore Dogs. The fellas at the SPCA aren't that fortunate and for most of them who do not get adopted within a specific period of time, they are put to sleep to resolve them of their heartache, pain and misery. That's really tragic for many of my canine friends out there have so much love and loyalty to offer to the world! All they ask for is an owner who would give them lots of love and a good home! That's not too much to ask for, isn't it? In memory of my departed doggie friends at the SPCA, I wish that they have found the peace, serenity and love that they had been searching for in Doggie Heaven. And for those of my stray buddies, I will continue to pray that they will be able to survive out there in the open; hopefully, not for the rest of their lives as I sincerely wish that they will be able to find good homes too. Happy Belated Feast Day of St Francis to all out there!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Closet Raider

I fell asleep while raiding the closet! I did not even hear Sharon coming home as I was snuggled among the nice, soft and warm clothes and I was having a lovely dream! Sometimes when I am all alone at home, I think of Sharon and Jules. I would wonder if they are having a great day, if they had eaten (very important for doggies like me), always, I would miss them both a lot and sometimes, the yearning gets so bad, I'd wish that they were home with me! So, I would raid the closet as I can smell Sharon and Jules as I sniff out their clothes! It's a temporary substitute for my pining for them during their working hours. I feel so relaxed when I can smell them and while I am closing my eyes sniffing their scents, I'd often doze off and go to Doggie Dreamland!


Monday, September 19, 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival 2005

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival! Everyone is eating mooncakes (I stole Sharon's mooncake when she left it on the table that day)! Sharon was mad as she likes the ones with yolks and she was saving the best part for the last when I sneaked up and ate it all in one go! But no one gets mad with me for long as I've got such a loving nature and with my doe-like eyes, I usually get away with murder! Heh heh!

Anyway, I saw the kids playing with traditional Chinese lanterns and I wanted to join them. But Karen felt that the sight of a big, fat, furry brown monster may scare them off, so she got me a small lantern for me to play at home instead! It's my first lantern! I liked it a lot but for safety reasons, I was not allowed to put a lighted candle into in lest I singe and burn myself... I walked around the entire house with it! After a few rounds, I got a little exhausted and I hung it by the window. I checked out the kids at the garden and all of them had such lovely lanterns too! But, I bet none of the doggies had one! Anyway, to all my human friends out there: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (PS: Save me the scraps from the mooncakes, ok?)


Skinny Days

I was rummaging through a pile of old photos that day from Sharon's dressing table and guess what I found? An extremely slim and svelte photo of me! That was me shortly after, I even have a double chin and folds of skin round my neck and tummy (Karen calls it the 'shar pei' after the wrinkly dog)! My collar was too loose, I not only have a new collar (I think it's my 4th new collar) and I am using the last hole of the collar...*sigh*...and everyone thinks that fat is an issue that only humans face....


Friday, September 16, 2005

My New Friend!

I've got a new friend; his name is Danny! Actually, he's Karen's old friend...but any friend of Karen's (or Sharon's or Jules') is also a friend of mine. Karen and Danny have been friends for almost 15 years! Wow! That's a long time! It's equivalent to 105 doggie years (1 human year = 7 doggie years)!! For doggies like us, it's like having an old friend for a century!

Danny was around the vicinity that day and he popped by to say "Hi" to me. I took an immediate liking to him and I gave him more that what he had bargained for...actually, I gave him a trillion-dollar welcome! I just could not stop myself from jumping at him! He was so nice and he did not push me away or raise his voice at me! When he sat down, I kept licking his legs, neck and face...I think he liked it quite a lot as he just sat there and allowed me to kiss him. Sharon tapped my buttocks lightly with a cane as she felt that it was bad manners and that I was not behaving well. But I totally ignored her and I continued to shower my new found friend with all my doggie affection. At one point, I got so carried away; I even pounced on him! He lost his balance and ended up lying on the floor! What did I do? Well, I continued to lick his face! But he's so nice. He never lost his patience and he kept saying that I was a 'good girl'! Wow, that really made me so happy! After a while, I calmed down and I decided to behave myself. I showed him my doggie tricks, my toys, my snacks and I even offered him my paw as a sign of friendship. He accepted my furry brown paw, so I think we are now friends. I hope to see Danny again soon. I will play catch with him and I will roll on my tummy and let him tickle me. I'm the best doggie in the world and I am sure Danny feels that way about me too! Danny, please come and see me again! Brown Monster misses her new friend!


Happy Birthday to Jules!

Yesterday was Jules' birthday! I tried to hunt for a nice birthday gift for him. But I was unsuccessful as no one would accept my doggie toys or treats ( I can't count money, so I decided to barter trade). I also tried to trade off some old bones that I store away for my precious snack but no one was interested. Hey, humans are so strange! They seem to value a piece of coloured paper (called money) more than my canine treasures...I also tried to perform a few tricks but people were so busy rushing around with their daily lives, no one noticed me...

In the end, I went back home and decided to look around the house to make something for Jules. I wanted to make him a birthday card, but I was unable to use the scissors with my paws and I ended up sniffing so much of the art shop glue that I got drowsy and dozed off at the desk. I woke up with scraps of paper stuck to my nose and whiskers and I had to spend hours in the bathroom trying to yank them off (it hurt!). I was about to give up the idea when I saw a small white ribbon lying around the house. I figured out that it was from some gift-wrapped present. I had a brilliant idea! I stuck the ribbon onto my head (with minimal amount of glue, of course) and waited for Jules and Sharon to come home. When they finally did so, I gave them my famous million-dollar welcome and for the entire night, I was on my best behaviour! I felt that since I could not buy or make Jules anything for his birthday, I would give him all my doggie love instead. That would be the best gift that any human could receive from their pet dogs! Here's a picture of me with the white ribbon and a picture of me singing "Happy Birthday" to Jules. I don't think he or Sharon understood a word as it sounded like a bark to them!


Thursday, September 15, 2005


Sometimes, I get really horrid and scary nightmares! I would dream of becoming a stray again, having no loving owners like Sharon and Jules or having no yummy food to eat! A few nights ago, I had a particularly bad one...I dreamt that I was a dirty, scraggly stray rummaging through dustbins and everywhere I went, nasty people would yell at me, chase me, beat me up with sticks and throw stones at me! While I was running away, I got hit by a cyclist and I broke a few bones! I was in such pain; I thought I was going to die! Wow, that was such a scary nightmare!! I think I must have been crying and yelping so loud; Jules woke me up and said nice soothing words to comfort me! Phew! You could imagine the relief and joy I felt when I realised that I was sleeping on my comfortable beanbag in the bedroom! I think I must have cried quite a lot because Sharon dabbed my eyes with tissue and Jules was so sweet...he gave up sleeping on his bed that night to sleep on my beanbag with me!! I will never trade anything in the world for the love of Sharon and Jules...they are the world to me!


Please Help Me.....

I've been raiding for snacks at the kitchen fact, I've been eating so much, I cannot even climb up the sofa! I used to be able to do a short sprint, followed by a leap and that will land me smack right in the middle of the couch. Oh dear, now, I can only get two legs up and I am unable to climb up the couch! I barked at Jules to ask him to help me up, but he was so busy and engrossed with his work, he totally ignored me....I also heard him telling Sharon that he will not give me snacks daily :-( That's a death sentence!! But, I badly want to sit up on the sofa and snuggle next to him and Sharon to watch TV, so I guess I don't have much of a choice!


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