Saturday, August 27, 2005

Virtual Pets

adopt your own virtual pet!

Sharon's so smart! She managed to find a brown doggie cartoon figure (in honour of me!) and she decided to post it on this blog...the brown toony dog even wags its tail! (Move your mouse around the dog's head and its head would follow and turn to the direction of the mouse! Click on the Puppy Treats and a bone will appear! The doggie will bark too!) Boy, am I lucky to have an owner like Sharon! She REALLY loves me!!! Check it out! And for those who wish to own pets but cannot afford the time/ money to do so, please adopt a virtual pet. It's better than buying one and then neglecting it. There was a case in the papers a few days back: a man was fined S$3000 for causing the death of his Alaskan malamute dog. He had left the dog with its thick double layer fur coat out in the sun with no water to drink and in a filthy and dangerous environment (the yard was strewn with faeces and sharp tools). The poor doggie eventually died of heatstroke and when I saw the photo of the dead dog in the papers, I wept and cringed as it had blood foaming out of its nostrils....I could imagine the pain and agony it went through! I think that's really diabolical on the owner's part! What did the dog do to deserve such cruel treatment? The man only got away with a fine! That's not justice, in my opinion! How can one just pay a fine for the death of an animal caused by outright cruelty and negligence and expect to get away with it? One cannot put a price or a net worth to a life! We are all living creatures who have feelings and emotions and we all deserve a right to live and to the sanctity of life! I don't wish to be mean as I am very good-natured, but personally, I wish that the man goes to jail for a longer period of time, gets 24 strokes of the cane, gets no food and water while in prison and gets chained by a short leash to the backyard of the prison in a double-layered fur coat with faeces and sharp tools all around him; all under the blazing tropical heat. That will finally make him realise what his poor dog went through. His poor dog who had given him all the unconditional love, trust and loyalty in this world only to be repayed with such horrendous treatment!

A volunteer from the Action of Singapore Dogs has started a petition regarding a longer jail term for animal abusers. Please sign the petition and give us a voice that will be heard. Speak up for us; we are also God's creatures:


Monday, August 22, 2005

True Loyalty

A certain credit card company claims that it will 'go the extra mile for you'. Another bank commercial says that they 'will always be there for you'. Yet, another well-known insurance company stresses that they 'will always be caring and watching for you and your loved one'. I have been watching lots of TV with Sharon and Jules lately, so I get to see lots of commercials ( I only like the ones on dog food!). Personally, I don't believe all that these commercials claim-- with regards to loyalty. I mean, how loyal can they be as compared to doggies like us? There is always a commercial element involved. For us, loyalty is unconditional. There is no other form of loyalty stronger than a dog's loyalty. Nothing beats a dog's loyalty to his/ her master; not even death. There have been cases of dogs getting killed while trying to defend their masters. That's common for all of us; it's a universal doggie trait and a common canine characteristic. We go MORE than the extra fact, we even walk thousand of miles on foot, just to get back to our beloved masters. There have also been documented cases of super loyal dogs who refuse to leave their master's grave and these dogs eventually die there; right next to their masters! That's how loyal we are! Needless to say, we will always be there for our masters and their families. We love and care for them and will always be watching over them.

Actually, I will never go to bed unless both Sharon and Jules are asleep. If either one of them is not asleep, I will accompany him/ her and I will only retire when he/ she finally goes to sleep. Lately, Jules has been working so hard. He's been doing work on his laptop and settling a lot of paperwork (thus, I don't chew those papers) till the wee hours of the morning. I want him to go and sleep but he has so much to do. So, I accompany him while he does his work and sometimes, I will fall asleep at his lap. But, I know that I am appreciated cos' he will pat me to sleep and tell me that I am a 'good girl'. That makes me very contented and it is certainly worth losing the sleep and going the extra mile for my master. I have noticed some eye bags lately; perhaps I will use some of Sharon's eye cream when she is at work! Let's hope she will not discover the paw prints on her vanity counter! :-)


Morning Wake Up Call

I had just realised that I forgot to post my photo of me trying to wake Sharon up from bed with my paws. Here's my morning call photo....Sharon, please wake up! Brownie wants breakfast!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rise and Shine!

Good morning! Rise and Shine! The early bird gets the worm, the early dog gets the bone and the early human beings get their Big Breakfast at Mickey Dees! Ok, you get the hint! Brownie wakes up a hungry dog after many hours of sleep as she runs around the sunny cornfields chasing birds and she nips the postman's ankles in her doggie dreams. That burns off a significant number of calories! According to Sharon, when I am in a state of deep sleep and while I am visiting Dreamland, I actually make soft, yappy barks and my legs move around as if I am running. Sharon has tried to film me on video, but so far, she's got no luck because she will usually get so excited and all her excitement will wake me up. Sharon and Jules love to see me in that state cos' they find me extra cute, especially when I make those yappy barks. Too bad, Karen has only seen me move my legs; she's never heard my Dreamland bark yet.

Anyway, back to breakfast again. When I was living with Mummy, Daddy and Sharon, Mummy used to cook me a sumptuous breakfast to start my day! She'd give me a bowl of milk, a piece of buttered toast and one fried egg! (Now, you know where my calories came from!) But as the old saying goes, it's no fun partaking a meal alone, so I like to have human company around me when I eat! Daddy usually goes off to work early, Mummy is busy with household chores, so I leave her alone. The only person left for me to call to share my breakfast with is Sharon! So, I will usually sneak into her room, pull off her blanket and bark at her to wake up. Most of the time, it does not work, so I have to put my head on her bed and literally breathe down her face! Haha! That wakes her up! Sometimes, the sudden sight of waking up with a huge doggie face in front of her eyes scares her and she will jolt out of bed! That's really funny!

Here's a photo of me with my paw on the bed...I am pawing at Sharon and asking her to wake up and make me breakfast! My nails are a little long, so she will be taking me for a "paw-dicure" soon :-)

Those were the good old days...but now that I've moved in with Jules and Sharon, things have changed. They are busy executives with no time to cook breakfast, so I get dried doggie food and no human company to start my day! :-( But, I always look forward to dinner cos' Sharon eats in front of the TV with me (I get to watch TV!) and Jules will feed me some scraps when I beg. And best of all, I get to snuggle at their feet or next to them after the meal and this comes with my free dosage of TLC! Here's another photo of me eating Japanese ramen noodles! I struggled with the chopsticks for a while, but hey, I learn fast!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vital Statistics

I overheard Karen telling Sharon that she would be measuring my vital statistics again real soon! In case you're puzzled, let me explain: Humans go for their dental check-up once in 6 months and they go for a general medical check-up once a year or so. Besides my yearly visit to the vet, Karen actually measures me with measuring tape once every 6 months! I'm not too proud of my statistics so far. So, the only thing I will reveal is my (now non-existent) waistline. I measured a full 30" at the waist at the last measurement in Dec 2004! Wow! That's like me fitting into a pair of Levis! Waist measurement aside, Karen also measures my body length and she takes my weight too (that's secret)!

And for those who DO NOT believe that I have a 30-inch waistline, here are some photos to prove it! Seeing IS believing! I need to go for hour-long walks and to go on a no-carbo/ all protein diet soon with no snacks, no junk food and water only and the occasional treat of low fat milk! Yuk yuk.... :-(( That's extremely sad news for a foodie doggie like me...but I really want to live to a ripe old age and have a long and fulfilling life! I also want to spend many many good, quality-filled years with Sharon and Jules cos' I love them so much!!


Monday, August 01, 2005


Sharon's back!! Yippeee!!!! I missed her so much during those agonising 5 days, I hardly ate or slept! I had even lost a few inches from my tummy and now that she is back, life for me is back to normal! I missed my master so much! I had been such a good girl and Jules had nothing but praises for me when Sharon asked if I had behaved myself.

Poor Sharon was so busy with work, she did not manage to shop around while she was overseas. So, she did not get me anything, but you know what? It does not matter to me! My master is back and that is what counts! I was so excited when she came back; when I saw her dragging her luggage out from the cab, I was barking and whining non-stop! I swore the entire block could hear me and I might have irritated a few neighbours for those few minutes...but who cares? I was welcoming my master back with all the love from the botton of my brown heart and I summoned every ounce of my doggie energy to show her my act of love!

Now that Sharon is back, I am playing with my toys again! Yes! I have a basket full of toys and everyday, I will make Sharon or Jules play with me! I'd bite a toy, run like a racehorse around the house, pounce on the furniture, bark at them and force them to play 'catch' with me! It's so fun! Usually, I win as I have four legs! Four legs good, two legs bad (quote from Snowball & Napolean from Animal Farm)! Haha!! Sometimes, Jules will grab me in the midst of racing. He will then proceed to swing me round a few times and he will do a DDT or RKO (WWE wrestling moves) on me before he will let me go! It's rough play sometimes, but it's fun and good exercise! Check me out with my blue squeaky rubber ball and my (now) one-legged Woodstock. I'm such a smart doggie, I have also found another use for the blue rubber ball besides using it as a squeaky toy. Whenever I want to go to the toilet at the great outdoors, I will run around the coffee table non-stop with the ball in my mouth and start whining. The sight of me running round the table and the sounds of the squeaky ball and my whining combined never fails to drive everyone nuts and they will have no choice but to take me out for my toilet trip and for my walk! Aren't I a smart doggie?


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