Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brown The Cool-Looking Canine!

I'd been so busy during X'mas! I had to play the X'mas reindeer and I had to carry a huge sack on my back to deliver the presents to everyone at home. It was such hard work and I was sweating like mad after that! Boy, I must be getting old too!! Either that, or it must be the heatwave!

The weather's been hot lately (despite being December when it usually rains) and guess what I got for my X'mas present? A lovely pair of sunglasses!! Jules says that I look like a cool Californian surfer dude and Sharon thinks that the frames blend in really well with my facial contours! Karen thinks it's good protection against the harmful UV rays and against cataracts! So now when I go for my walks, Jules will wear my shades for me! Wow, I guess I will be the centre of attention as not many doggies out there wear such cool shades! Hey, maybe the marketing folks at Oakley or RayBan might consider starting a canine range for doggies like us after they see this picture!

A very Happy New Year to all my friends out there!

Lots of Love from the Brown Furry Monster,


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