Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Daddy's House

Sharon and Jules have gone away for a trip. I saw them packing last week and I got kind of worried as I thought that they were going to abandon me and leave me forever! I was on my best behaviour for the past couple of days and I was praying real hard that they would never have to go away.

Oh dear! How would I cope on my own? I need Sharon to make my breakfast and Jules to take me out for my evening walks! Most of all, I need their love cos' I live on that! If love never existed, Brown Monster would be a dead dog! I'd die of a broken brown heart!

Then, Sharon told me not to worry cos' while they are busking under the tropical sun and sipping cocktails in a sunny beach filled with white sand and coconut trees, I would also be going for a short trip! Hooray! Initially, I thought that they were taking me along, but Jules told me that the airlines and hotels do not welcome doggies (how dare they disallow nice doggies like us!)!!! So, instead of running on all fours along a nice stretch of a tropical beach, I am going to Daddy's house for the next week. Yippee! That's also good news as I would get a lot of pampering and it's been a while since I visited my old house. So, I am glad to be able to have this opportunity to live with Daddy and Mummy again for the next few days!

I can re-live my old routine with Daddy and Mummy:
7am: Wake Daddy up by licking his face, jumping on his bed and annoying the hell out of him! (Haha!)
7.10am: Take my morning walk with Daddy
7.30am: Beg Mummy for breakfast
7.45am: Eat breakfast
7.50am: Stand on my hind legs and watch the morning traffic at the window.
8.15am: Bark at the birds, the occasional stray cat and the motorists.
8.25am: Chase the garbage collectors from the front window to the back gate.
8.30am- 6.30pm: My daily duty of guarding the house when Mummy and Daddy are out. (I have my prepared lunch at around 12 noon and I will entertain myself with a ball game at 3pm).
6.45pm: Daddy comes home! (I'll give him a million-dollar welcome!)
7.30pm: Daddy takes me for a walk
8pm: Dinner with Daddy (I'll steal some morsels from his plate when he is not looking!)
8.30pm: Daddy goes to pick Mummy up and bring her home
8.45pm: Give Mummy her million-dollar welcome!
9pm: Annoy and disturb Daddy while he is doing his paperwork.
9.30pm: Sneak into Mummy's room, curl up next to her and watch TV with her.
9.55pm: Say 'goodnight' to Daddy and Mummy.
10pm: Once everyone is in bed, Brown Monster will turn in.

So, that will be my life for the next week or so till Sharon and Jules comes back! Boy, I will miss them! I wished that they never had to go, but they worked so hard to give me a better life; they need a break too! Well, I hope that they'll have a good time and they can be very sure of their trillion-dollar welcome when they come home!

And here's a shot of me trying to steal some orange from Daddy's fruit platter! :-)


Monday, April 10, 2006

Wrestling Match: Jules vs Brown Monster

Jules is a HUGE wrestling fan! He loves WWE and he's been watching it since he was 14! Sometimes when he watches the matches on TV, I'd sit next to him and see all the interesting wrestling characters battle it out and play their respective roles. Initially, I found it boring, but the more I watched, the more interested I got!

And to give you an idea of how big a fan Jules is, let me tell you something...besides collecting wrestling figurines (he's got more than a hundred!) and going to see the WWE 'live' when they come to town, he also participates in a daily wrestling match! Guess who is his wrestling opponent? Me! Yep, every night after dinner, it will be Jules the Hardcore Wrestling Fan vs Brown Monster. He'd start by chasing me round the house. I'd pounce on the sofa, bed and run circles round the entire house...it's quite a racket and a scene actually to see Man vs. Monster! And when he gets hold of me, he'd grab my paws and start to use all those wrestling techniques on me: ankle lock, cross-face, sharp shooter...Sometimes, to intensify the game further, he would also lift me up in the air and spin me around!

It's great fun actually and I like to struggle out of his grip and try my doggie techniques on him too! Sometimes I have a few tricks up my sleeve that gets him by surprise! Haha! But most of the time, he wins cos' he's got 2 hands with fingers and I've got 4 legs with paws (no fingers)! He's a great deal stronger than me too! And like every match, there is a prize. If I win, Jules has to buy me a special doggie snack. If I lose, I just have to give him a doggie kiss (since I don't know how to use money). Here's a shot of me giving Jules his winning kiss! Well, I will stop here for now as I am going to practise my skills now and I hope that I will win tonight's match!!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mystery Of The Missing Ear

When I saw this photo, I had a huge shock! My ear! My precious brown furry ear! What happened to it? Did it fall out? Or did the vet cut it off? *gasp*

My immediate reaction when I saw this shot was to feel my right ear with my paws....thank God it was there! Phew! I was so relieved! If it was missing, I would have to ask Jules to play Sherlock Holmes and help me to track down my missing ear. Either that, or I would have to ask Sharon to take me to the vet for a ear transplant (think canine plastic surgery). And if I was hearing-impaired, I would want Karen to buy me a hearing aid. I tried to learn sign language but I fumbled with my paws :-(

Anyway, it's a false (and mysterious) alarm. My right ear is fully intact and I can hear the sounds of the vehicles in the streets. Thank God!

By the way, for some strange reason, Karen LOVES this photo. She finds it cute and she thinks that I look like a one-eared, fat, brown and furry Easter Bunny....oooh, Easter is around the corner! It's a pity doggies cannot consume human chocolates (a certain chemical compound can cause sudden seizures and blood clots that lead to death!) but I am sure Karen will buy me some doggie chocolates that are made of carob! It's much healthier too! Yippee!!!


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