Thursday, October 15, 2009

What? Our butts?

The Indignities we go through.




Cold Day


Monday, September 07, 2009

More, more!

That was Yummilicious!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Beautiful - God and Dog

Sharon cried when she watched this.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi there

Hello friends, my name is Midnight Shadoe and well, I just wanted to show you a picture of me. Now, Brownie pretty much shares most things with me, so here I am on my chaise lounge. I nap there some afternoons. I used to sleep in a dirty smelly drain but now I am King of my own chair...I am a happy doggy!


Monday, July 27, 2009

I am not a mean doggy

Hi all, someone called me a mean and jealous doggy. But I am not. It is not easy waking up and finding another dog in the house. I was just so worried. And I never met him before. He just came!

We are getting along a lot better now. I know that he won't take my place. So I guess he can stay.

To all those who wrote us emails and comments, please don't worry, I kinda like him in some ways.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blackie Midnight Shadoe Ninja

Here he is...on MY bed, using MY harness, with MY bone and a STOLEN Winnie the Pooh slipper, wagging his tail, all innocent like.

Don't they love me anymore?


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midnight Shadoe BIT ME!!!

Good thing I bit him first...hahahahah. How come all you other doggies like having siblings?


Friday, July 10, 2009


Er I mean dog. Oh my, I am taking over the bed!


Monday, July 06, 2009

Blackie Midnight Shadoe

Hey everyone, I may be getting a new brother! Well, am not sure if I should be upset or happy? I certainly don't think there is enough space in the bed. Maybe if Jules slept on the floor. Keep your paws crossed. As long as he knows I am the Queen of this household, he will be very welcomed here indeed.

Here is the Story. Jule's colleage (a stray dog rescuer) caught hold of the dog as she saw the pound people coming. She and her family and friends have been feeding him for about 3 years. So he is rather chummy with them. So far he is the only survivor of his pack, the rest have been caught and put to sleep. So she zipped into action when she saw the pound people. With the help of a few friends, they slipped a leash on him when he was being fed.

Anyway, Jules went to her home and saw Blackie. He also saw a beagle. He was picking. And the clincher came when his friend told him that she would not have any problems finding the beagle a new home. The mongrel though had almost zero chances of rehoming as well most Singaporeans find mongrels ugly. (Pftttt to them I say). So Jules decided that Blackie would come home with us.

He is not here now. These few days Sharon and Jules won't be home much and they think that I may bite his ears off or something. So he is being homed in E's home.

Remember how Jules has been trying to catch a stray forever? Blackie is not a puppy and well I heard he is not as cute as I am. But still I do hope he comes to stay with me. So, do say a prayer that Blackie will become part of our family.


Thursday, July 02, 2009


Remember ASD? Well, their volunteers have been feeding strays and they found that a stray dog had not been coming for meals for a week. When it finally appeared, its right hind leg was almost all torn off, the bottom part was gone and the top showed bare stripped bone. What happened? Illegal boar trap happened. I am not a vicious doggy but I do hope Karma comes quick for the person who set the trap. I hope he gets stuck in one that he set himself.

I know I am not usually such a mean dog but if you take a look at the picture of Kiwi here, you will definitely not be a nice doggy either.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sugar Cane

The good thing about living in the tropics are Sugar canes! I love them, they taste sweet and crunchy and are a good alternative to processed doggy treats. (Do I sound like a Sugar Cane advertisement?)

It is hard to buy Sugar Cane here. Most people drink the juice. My human had to beg the Sugar Cane Juice lady to sell him some.


Tropical heat

It is really uncomfortable sometimes to be a doggy in this tropical climate. Its always hot, hot, hot. So hot, there have been bush fires. I do feel like shaving off all my fur at times. So occasionally I get an ice cream treat. Mmmmmmm...


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conversations in the Brown Abode

When humans talk about their doggies, they talk about how cute they are, what they ate and so on...does it happen here?

Nooooo, I am subjected to the indignity of listening to stories about my...ahem...most private act. (Ok ok, granted I do it in front of the entire neighbourhood, but still, a brown doggy needs her space)

Sharon: She pooped quite a bit today...saw some little bits in her poop. They looked yellow.

Jules : Oh yeah, that must have been the corn she ate last night.

Jules: Man she had a long poop today.

Sharon: You mean she took a long time before she finally pooped? Or she pooped for a long time?

Jules: No, I meant her poop was long, so long she had to raise her butt up for it all to come out and not touch her.

Sharon: She is really naughty.

Jules: How so?

Sharon: She held her poop cos she knows after she poops, she has to come home.

Jules: How do you know?

Sharon: Cos part of her poop came out and she made it go back in again!

Jules: GENIUS Doggy!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poor Doggy

I hope he is happy. I think he is because he has his human and he (the dog) looks clean and healthy.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

When will they be back?

Did they forget me already? I am a very lonely doggy when they are at work. Do they think about me at all?


Friday, April 17, 2009

New Blankie Smell. Sniff Sniff


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Check out my smile


Friday, March 13, 2009

Rufus The London Underground Commuter

A canine commuter has become a minor celebrity on the London Underground thanks to his giant frame (He's a whopping 55kgs!).

Rufus the Pyrenean mountain dog travels on the capital's transport network with his owner Michael Stavrides and has won the hearts of fellow commuters. Stavrides, 50, takes the tube journey from Pinner to Baker Street daily with his oversized pal and says that the reaction to the five-year-old dog has been overwhelmingly positive.

Canine commuter: Rufus the Pyrenean mountain dog on the tube with his owner Michael Stavrides

'It's amazing the reaction of people as I take Rufus on the train.

'Although he does tend to slump across the carriage floor people absolutely love him,' says Michael, who owns the Fine Art Gallery in Marylebone.

'People actually tell me they get on the train that isn't their train just to go to the next stop with him.

'They tell me it makes their day, particularly as we're going through a credit crunch.'

Michael also says famous fans including Matt Lucas, Barbara Windsor and Dale Winton have all stopped to pat Rufus.

'I've even had people park their cars just to get out to say hello and take a picture with him.'

But some grumpy travellers aren't so happy to share carriage space with the friendly pooch.

A lively debate started in a London paper when someone calling themselves NOTDOGLOVER texted in to ask if anyone had seen "pony-like" Rufus and stated that they objected to his poochy presence on the rush hour commute.


Dog Who Can Say "Mama"

Armani is a 2 year old minature bull terrier who lives in Berlin with his owner, Zouleykha Kogan. He must love Frau Kogan so much cos' he can actually say the words "Mama"! Check out the link below and if it does not work, go to the second link as it includes the full story besides the video!

What a smart doggie!!!


Friday, March 06, 2009

Family dog saves toddler from deadly snake

Its an old story from 2007. I forgot to post it up!

A doberman saved a toddler from a deadly snake by throwing her out of harm's way as it attacked.The pet hauled the 17-month-old girl up by her nappy and flung her over his shoulder like a rag doll.As he did so, the snake struck, biting him on the leg. Charlotte Svillicic's family firmly believe the dog, called Khan, acted deliberately.

They said yesterday he may have been repaying their kindness for rescuing him from an animal shelter.

"He saved her life by risking his own," said Charlotte's mother, Catherine.

"From now on, he's Khan the Wonder Dog."

The drama happened as 17-month-old Charlotte played in the garden of her home near the Australian city of Cairns when Khan began to bristle.

He had spotted the king brown snake - the world's third most venomous - about to strike from its hiding place beneath their house.

Mrs Svillicic said yesterday: "Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte-and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn't working."So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a metre, like she was a rag doll."

At that point the snake leapt out, Mrs Svillicic added. "Charlotte looked pretty shocked and Khan screamed, like he'd been stabbed."I realised he had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her."

The dog received a shot of anti-venom from a vet and made a full recovery.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Important things to guard


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hiya Everyone!!!

Sharon has got to start blogging more. I miss telling my stories to all my friends. Anyway a long over due update. Here are some photos of me after the operation. I HATE wearing that darn plastic collar so I got to wear a Doors Tee shirt. Aren't I the cool doggie?

And a gross pic coming up. So be warned. Its not gross to me, Sharon or Jules of course.


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