Monday, October 09, 2006

Animal Blessing Day 2006: Brownie Gets Her Blessings!


There were so many animals this year, I hardly had any place to move around! A few doggies got a little too close to me (I'm paranoid about my personal bubble) and I actually growled and snapped when some of them tried to smell my butt. I think it's really rude to do so and it's definitely not appropriate to do so during the Animal Blessing ceremony! It's OK at a social canine gathering, but not when the prayers are being read!


Anyway, Sharon and Jules were in a hurry as they had to rush back to work and to set their examination papers/ study for their own papers. Fr. Clifford instructed the crowd to form 3 queues (where the Brothers were) and he informed the crowd that the Brothers would bless their pets. Karen caught Fr. Clifford's attention by waving frantically and when he saw us, he was so happy; he immediately gave me a blessing on-the-spot and we did not have to queue up! Yippee!! Jules had a short chat with Fr. Clifford and in less than 10 minutes, we were out of church and on the way home! It was a frantic day as Sharon and Jules were tied up with work, but despite their tight schedules, they still made time to take me to church and I love them so much for all the sacrifices that they make for me! I'm the luckiest doggie in the world and I have the best owners!!


Before rushing home, we stopped by at the vet's stall. The vet was around to give free medical check-ups. When she lifted my onto the table, there were so many people staring at me, I was a little shy. But the vet said that I had excellent fur (thick, well-kept and shiny), a little plague and tartar on my teeth (been stealing sweets from Jules) and that I had to lose a little more weight. She complimented Sharon and Jules on doing an excellent job in my health! Wow, I was so relieved to hear that! The vet's so nice, she gave me some samples of Eukanuba and Science Diet to try. If it tastes good and improves my health further, I will get Karen to buy them for me during X'mas.



Animal Blessing Day 2006: Brownie Meets The Cow

Time really flies! It's the Animal Blessing Day again at church! It's a very special day to honour all of God's Creatures (big and small) and the Franciscan Friars celebrate this very unique occasion to honour St. Francis of Assisi who happens to be the patron saint of animals and the environment.

I love St. Francis. He's my favourite saint because he loves all of God's creatures and I'm sure that since I've been a good girl for the past year, St. Francis loves me too! Boy, I was so excited about the animal blessing because it's the only day in the year where I get to see all sorts of animals! When Jules opened the boot of the car, I hopped in immediately and it took him and Sharon about 5 minutes to get me out! I refused to leave the car as I feared that they would drive off without me!


Every year, the faithful will bring their pets in for blessing. This year, besides the dogs, cats, birds and fish, someone actually brought in a snake! I'm scared of snakes, so I did not go near it! It was also an eventful day for everyone as there was a pony at church for the kids to ride for a small fee. There was also a cow and a calf that were specially brought in for a cow-milking demonstration. The milking session was in the morning and I missed it. I heard that the kids had a lot of fun milking the cow (but I'm not sure if the cow felt the same way!)



I managed to get up close and personal with the cow and her calf when we went to church later in the evening. It was the first time in my life seeing a real cow (I was thinking of steak!) and truthfully, I was a little scared of her size as she's huge and her horns kinda made me a little weary! I wanted to play with the calf, but the poor fella was scared of me! I think he's been surrounded by too many doggies who were thinking of their dinner!

Anyway, I was soon distracted by the other doggies (of all shapes and sizes) and very soon, I was among the furry canine crowd; I forgot all about the cow and her calf till it was time to go home. I managed to say goodbye to the bovine pair before they boarded the lorry that would take them back to their farm where they belong. Do hope to see the cows again next year!



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