Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh my GOD!

I am crying like a crazed doggy, I just visited Fei's blog and horrors of horrors was led to this page Prisoners of Greed. I think I am going to puke my dinner out.

I think the worst thing for these doggies, something even worse than death, is not being able to die. Some of them live for years and years in horrid conditions. Do you know what I mean?

On a good note, Sharon just realised that linking a blog is so simple! Apparently the icon to link was always there. Sigh, now she has to find out how to link doggy blogs on her side bar. Anyone?


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Long weekend!

Monday was New Years Day so that was a public holiday but in Singapore, the 31st of December, Sunday was also Hari Raya Haji so to make up for that, Tuesday was also a public holiday.

So I thought, wooopeee, days of walks and laying in bed, snuggling. Boy was I wrong!

Jules and Sharon were so busy running around, running errands, buying groceries, washing the bedsheets and vacuming and mopping away. Sharon was in a bad mood and kept on sweeping and mopping even over my paws and tail. She made my paws all wet. I decided to not make any protesting doggy sounds though.

And yesterday I stole a chocolate biscuit and Sharon yelled at me so loud, I thought my doggy heart would break in fear.

And last night Jules slipped and bumped his head. Boy he looks like a vulcan! There is a huge bump in the middle of his forehead. There was 24 hour doctor near by so Jules just took some Ponstan and went to bed.

We didn't even get a chance to go feed the poor doggies. I feel so sad for them. Its not as simple as we thought. They still are terrified of us. Trust is never simple to build up.

This year is not looking so good. But I have faith, things will look up soon and I am going to have the best doggy year ever!

After all I have them and they have me.


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