Monday, September 26, 2005

Closet Raider

I fell asleep while raiding the closet! I did not even hear Sharon coming home as I was snuggled among the nice, soft and warm clothes and I was having a lovely dream! Sometimes when I am all alone at home, I think of Sharon and Jules. I would wonder if they are having a great day, if they had eaten (very important for doggies like me), always, I would miss them both a lot and sometimes, the yearning gets so bad, I'd wish that they were home with me! So, I would raid the closet as I can smell Sharon and Jules as I sniff out their clothes! It's a temporary substitute for my pining for them during their working hours. I feel so relaxed when I can smell them and while I am closing my eyes sniffing their scents, I'd often doze off and go to Doggie Dreamland!


Anonymous,  2:01 pm  

Thats one lazy doggie man!

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