Saturday, December 10, 2005


Karen has been so busy with her work these days. But despite her busy schedule, she still devotes one entire day to me!! Wow! I must really be very special to her!! Karen has not been getting enough sleep and when she came down to see me last week, she dozed off next to me and we ended up catching an afternoon nap together. I'm really so touched by her love and devotion to me! While we were both sound asleep, I had a pleasant dream! I dreamt that I was with Karen. We were both running through the lush green meadows and we were smelling the flowers that bloomed in the meadows. It was spring time, the birds were singing, the sun was shining and there was even a rainbow! That was my wonderful dream; I wondered if Karen also had the same dream?

Later in the evening, I put on my reindeer antlers and I did my Christmas rehearsal as the X'mas reindeer. I carried a bag of wrapped presents and I had to remember where to put Sharon's present (on the dressing table), where to put Jule's present (on his writing desk), was tiring and the bag was so heavy! I was drained and soon after that, I collapsed on the floor. Karen saw the golden opportunity to use me as her brown furry pillow and she ended sleeping on me! Later, she told Sharon that I was the best pillow in the world as I was nice, warm, furry and fuzzy! The pillows on her bed are stuffed with feathers and they don't keep her that warm! She also added that her pillows don't have that nice doggy smell! Aw....I'm shedding a tear!


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