Thursday, September 15, 2005


Sometimes, I get really horrid and scary nightmares! I would dream of becoming a stray again, having no loving owners like Sharon and Jules or having no yummy food to eat! A few nights ago, I had a particularly bad one...I dreamt that I was a dirty, scraggly stray rummaging through dustbins and everywhere I went, nasty people would yell at me, chase me, beat me up with sticks and throw stones at me! While I was running away, I got hit by a cyclist and I broke a few bones! I was in such pain; I thought I was going to die! Wow, that was such a scary nightmare!! I think I must have been crying and yelping so loud; Jules woke me up and said nice soothing words to comfort me! Phew! You could imagine the relief and joy I felt when I realised that I was sleeping on my comfortable beanbag in the bedroom! I think I must have cried quite a lot because Sharon dabbed my eyes with tissue and Jules was so sweet...he gave up sleeping on his bed that night to sleep on my beanbag with me!! I will never trade anything in the world for the love of Sharon and Jules...they are the world to me!


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