Monday, April 30, 2007

On our walks

On our walks together, we see lots of stuff, ant hills, flowers and more! I like the place where we live, its full of buildings (flats) but there is a little green hill there and I like to think its just for me!

Ant City -very much like the one I did my business on yesterday. If you see it, you will realise you can't really know its an ant hill unless its daylight. So its not my fault I "ahemed" in it. Sorry ants

Pretty flowers in the wild


Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a walk...

I really needed to go, so I did and when Jules bent down to pick up my ahem, freshly done business, he realised I did it on an ant hill! We rushed home and well, Sharon and Jules spent twenty minutes picking ants off my butt! Most undignified. Shhhhhh...


I love Jules

He takes me for my walk walks anytime I want to go.

He lets me have the blanket. That me after I attacked it. When it gets too hot, I just wriggle out from under it.

I like to put my paw on his paw cos I love him.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

What makes you sad?

I get sad when Sharon and Jules have lots of work to do, they get a tad grumpy and I wonder if its because of me? I hope not...I just want to be the best doggie in the whole wide world so that they will be happy.

I get a little sad when I am alone at home from 8 am till about 9 pm. Thats more than 12 hours in this lonely apartment. Every little sound is magnified and when it rains I get very scared. When I first moved in with Sharon and Jules and they went to work, I thought they had abandoned me.

I get sad when they get angry and push me away when I jump and try to kiss them when they get back from work. Don't they know I wait by the door all day, longing to see them again? I don't even eat the food they leave out for me till they get back home.

But you know what? The saddest phase of my life is over - that of being a stray puppy - it was horrible. I never experienced a good nights sleep. People were always chasing me away. Sharon's old nieghbour chased me with a bamboo pole (that people use to hang clothes on) a few times. I ate dirty scraps. I had no where to hide. Kids ran away from me like I was some hideous creature and threw stones at me. And one by one my siblings and parents died. I was all alone in this world. Every night I would look up at the sky and wonder "Why Me?"


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Check out Patch


This is Sharon's best friend's parents' doggie, his name is Patch. Check out his "dog tattoo" on his fur!

Poor Patch, do you have to be locked up just like me, when people "who scream at the mere sight of anything furry" visit?


My Night Job

In the day I am Director of Security in a little apartment. By night, I have to keep my two humans entertained. Since I am a good natured Doggie, I let them do whatever they want! Sigh...

PS: they make me do a lot more things that can't be publicized!


Blue really isnt my color

Heres what Sharon got me from the Gold Coast (it was on sale!) It was a Large but me thinks its too tight as every laughed when I sat down (something about seeing my rolls?)


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