Friday, November 25, 2005

Bad Fur Day

It's one of those horrid old pictures of mine that I would rather put away and forget...Even I can't look pretty all the time...Looks like I woke up on the wrong side of bed and had a major hangover...Geesh! This photo needs major touching up! Thank God I don't look so bad for the remaining 364 days of the year!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Home Alone

I'm awfully sad and it's a slow, slow day for me today. The sky is gray, the clouds are overcast, the birds aren't singing and I am feeling blue...Why? Cos' I am home alone! Oh, how I dread the weekdays (unless is it a public holiday)!

You know, I've grown so attached to Sharon and Jules; I want to spend every moment of my life with them. I'd get really sad when they both go to work and leave me all alone at home to take care of the house. I have my breakfast and my lunch all made and prepared for me but I don't have the appetite to eat unless someone is home with me (food does not taste good when you eat alone)! I've got all my wonderful doggie toys to play with, but hey, how fun can it be when you are playing all alone with no playmate?

Sometimes, when the loneliness gets too unbearable for me, I would cry and pine for them. I'd whine a little too (hope it does not annoy the neighbours too much), but I just cannot help it. Karen comes in once a week and that makes me feel really special cos' Karen takes one day of her busy week to spend it with me! Occasionally, Jules' Daddy wound pop by and he would give me a bone to chew on. I would be so delighted for the treat but once he is gone, I would push the bone away and wait for my masters to come home.

Everyone who comes and visits me would know that I am famous for my 'million-dollar' welcome and everyone knows equally well that when they want to say 'bye-bye', they will not get a 'million-dollar' goodbye as I would just lie away from the door and I would stay very quiet and look away from the door. Everyone knows that Brownie does not like goodbyes. I want my masters, my family and my friends all to be with me always. Once everyone leaves, I would rush to the window to see where they are heading to and I would often bark and cry out and ask them to take me out along with them (I promise to behave and to be a good girl!). Sharon can't take me to work cos' no pets are allowed at her workplace (if only bosses allowed their staff to bring their doggies to work!) and Jules lectures in a huge school, so some students may get scared at the sight of a huge, furry, brown monster tagging along with Jules (think 'bodyguard' with brown fur). Karen spends most of her time doing research in a library, so doggies are not allowed there as they might bark, drool or beg for food (highly unlikely for me as I would most likely be curled up next to her feet sleeping while she reads). But, I guess there is a place in this world for busy people and there is a place in this world for home-based doggies like me.

Well, I guess since everyone has a job and task to fulfill, I have mine too and for me, it is to guard the house and keep it safe from the naughty people called thieves and robbers. I would snarl, bark and bite them if they ever dared to come into my house!

In the meantime, while I focus on keeping the thieves at bay (Brownie is an excellent crimebuster!), I will also count down the hours and minutes before my masters come home! The happiest moment of my day would always be the time when Sharon and Jules come home! That's when I get all my TLC and attention! Here's a recent photo of me hanging out by the window, watching the world go by and waiting for my masters to come home from a busy day's work to their faithful doggie.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Fitness Routine With Jules

Jules is really the best personal trainer that any doggie could ask for in this world! Every day, rain or shine, Jules will take me out for my 30-minute long walks. Sometimes, we would stroll at a leisurely pace; at other times, we would be running drills military-style. Boy, it can be really exhausting! Sometimes, I wonder how Jules does it (he's only got 2 legs and I have 4)! If the weather is good, he would even take me hill-climbing (there is a small hill near our place) and once I am up there (there is a flat, plateau-like open space up there), he would release the leash to let me run freely for a short while. It kills my legs when we climb the hill but Jules is such a great motivator! When he senses that I am tired, he'd start cheering me on and he will even sing army songs. That will always get me going! So, whenever I get bogged down with the philosophies of life and living, I would always recall those struggling moments of Jules and me at our hill-climbing stints and that will never fail to motivate me to make things better!

Also, due to the intensity of the climb, both of us will usually spend the first few minutes at the top of the hill lying on our backs to catch our breath (sometimes, I drool all over Jules, but he doesn't seem to mind!). Once we get that done, we would do a little bit of exploring as we have a great sense of adventure! We even discovered a family of strays living at a corner of the hill! I approached them and tried to make friends, but I think they're afraid of humans and are also quite territorial of their space. Anyway, I took a photo of my friends who live up the hill to show to all of you.

I wished that Sharon and Karen would join us on our hill-climbing adventures (that would be fun!), but both of them are not too keen on fitness, so till I convince them further, it will just be Jules and me for now. This may sound a little bit ambitious, but someday, I hope to scale the heights of Mount Everest with Jules! We'd be the first doggie and master team in the world to do so! So in the meantine, it will just be the two of us homing on our mountain-climbing and peak-scaling skills for now at the small hill behind our house.


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