Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Report: Animal Cruelty On The Rise (UK)

Today, I was really disturbed after reading this report online. It really makes me upset when I read of such cases and it makes me really grateful to know that I have two loving owners and a wonderful family who would never dream of committing such unforgivable acts of atrocities to me or to animals. Please be kind and compassionate to us. We are not able to speak or express ourselves using language like humans. And granted that sometimes we drool, shed fur or poop at the wrong times/ places, such heartless acts of cruelty do not justify our mistakes at all. The 'crime' does not deserve such 'punishment'. We definitely do not deserve such treatment. I have posted the full report below so as to create awareness to all and to plead to my human friends to be kind, patient, compassionate and loving towards their furry friends. No one would dream of inflicting such hurt and pain on their own children, so no one has the right to do this to animals. If someone has a problem with anger management, he/ she has the chance seek counselling with the professionals to deal with their anger and not take it out on innocent beings like us. I'll sign off today with a very heavy heart...please put yourself in the shoes of the animals that are ill-treated; that would allow you to emphatise how we feel. The only difference is that we are not able to speak or fend for ourselves; while humans are able to. Have a heart, please!

Animal cruelty on the rise
Wednesday July 26, 2006

LONDON (Reuters) - A worrying rise in animal cruelty occurred last year with an increase in convictions and cases including a cat boiled to death in a washing machine and an owner sawing off his dog's leg, the RSPCA said on Wednesday.

The animal charity said their inspectors had also seen an alarming increase in neglect and mistreatment of pets.

"2005 will go down as one of the most violent towards animals," said Jackie Bullard, RSPCA director general.

The charity said the number of convictions secured for animal cruelty had risen by 20 percent while there had been a 6 percent rise in the number of cases reported and investigated.

In addition, the number of animals that did not have access to water had increased by 104 percent to 25,784 while almost 35,000 did not receive suitable veterinary treatment, a rise of almost 80 percent.

There are about 13 million pets in the country with just over 50 percent of households owning one.

The RSPCA said neglect was the common cause in most cases and had led to one of their largest ever probes involving 271 animals -- mainly dogs -- kept in a small property in Lancashire.

"Sadly, despite our best efforts, there are those who continue to ignore our messages and treat animals with brute force instead of compassion," Ballard said.

In one of the most horrific cases last year, Holly Thacker, 34, from Norwich was jailed for putting her cat Fluffy into her washing machine on boil wash.

Fluffy lost all her claws trying to escape and would have suffered for up to 10 minutes before dying.

"In the seven years I have been working for the RSPCA I have never come across anything as heartless as this," said inspector Rob Melloy after the case went to court.

In another incident, Griffith Prosser, 36, was banned from owning pets for 10 years after the RSPCA found he had sawn off the front leg of his dog Bumper who had been injured in a car crash.

Other cases included a man jailed for cutting the throats of his two pet dogs, a 17-year-old youth who kicked his puppy to death and a dog hung from a top floor balcony by his back legs because his owner said it would improve his pet's fitness.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pillow Pals


When I was a stray, sleeping was always a big issue. It was an issue because of safety and it also involved a matter of life and death. If I slept too soundly, I might not hear the footsteps of the dog catcher and if I was caught, I would end up in the pound. In the worst case scenario, I might be put to sleep if I had spent too long a time at the pound because I would cost money, time and resources to the SPCA. So, as a stray doggie, I never had a decent night's sleep. I often slept in some deep storm drains (risking drowning should the flood waters come), at the car parks (risking being run over by cars), near the trash collection area (risking disease). I also slept near some houses a few times, but each time, I got chased away by nasty people. Some threw stones at me, some used sticks to beat me and one particularly nasty guy even threw a bucket of water over me. I caught a nasty cold and almost died from an infection.

As a stray, I used to make my own bed out of grass, old newspapers, discarded old clothes and cardboard boxes. It was nice to have a bed as it kept me warm and dry during those cold and rainy nights. A bed also gave me some soft comfort against the hard, stony and rough asphalt road. Sometimes in my dreams, I would dream of having a nice, decent bed with pillows and cushions. But, when I woke up, I'd always end up crying because I knew that it was only a fantasy and a dream, and that as a stray, it would be impossible. In fact, I was lucky to be alive and to wake up each time I slept because anything could have happened to me while I slept out in the open. Really, sleep was a luxury and having a bed to call my own was a fantasy.

That was until I met Sharon and when Sharon officially took me home and made me her doggie! Sharon's got a heart of gold! When she first found me, I was heavily pregnant and she was so kind, she allowed me to sleep on the sofa at Mummy's living room! Wow! That was like a dream come true! After I had my pups (they were all adopted), Sharon gave me a plastic tub (for doggies) to sleep in. She'd line the tub with a nice, soft towel and I'd snuggle in each night to get my good night's sleep. Soon, I became too big for the tub and I ended up sleeping anywhere that I fancied in Mummy's house. Sometimes, I'd sleep near the door; at other times, I'd sleep in front of Daddy's/ Mummy's room. There were also a couple of times when I sneaked into Sharon's room and slept at the foot of her bed.

Then, Sharon married Jules and I moved in with them. Now, I've got two lovely owners who love me to bits! Guess what? My dream of sleeping on a bed with soft pillows is now a reality because I sleep with Sharon and Jules on their bed with them! It's so nice when I get to snuggle in between them and to smell them! I really feel so secure and it's such a wonderful feeling!

Jules loves me so much; he even shares his pillow with me! Never mind the fact that I drooled into his ears a few times! He's perfectly OK with that! In fact, he says that he likes my dog breath and my doggie smell! I tried to share Sharon's pillow once, but my tongue ended up in her ears and she had a horrid nightmare about some huge, slimy slug crawling into her ears and laying its eggs there! So, I don't share her pillow as I don't want to give her scary nightmares anymore!

And besides a pillow, I also get to be covered by a blanket! Sometimes, I'd play a game of tug of war with Sharon and Jules over the blanket and it's fun! When I feel warm, I'd walk to where their feet are and I'd sleep there. I try to walk on tiptoe, but most of the time, I'd wake Sharon/ Jules up by walking across the middle of the bed past midnight!

I love sleeping with my masters because I get lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses from the both of them! And as a reward for being an extra good doggie, Jules either sings me a lullaby or he allows me to bring my favourite toy to hold in bed! Life can't get any better than this!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Update On Hannah

Remember my good old friend, Hannah? Well, she's in the headlines again! This time, the press reported about how well she has adapted to her owners and her home. I'm glad to hear that she's doing well despite her disabilities! She's strong and resilient; I guess all stray doggies are! We had it bad, rough and tough for us; so we know how to handle life better. Three cheers to Hannah!


Monday, July 10, 2006

A Special Visitor

(Notice that I look really blissful when Danny scratches my ears!)

Sharon, Jules and Karen decided to give me a belated birthday celebration over the weekend. Actually, my birthday is in June, but everyone was either down with flu or busy with work/ studies and no one was able to meet up for a gathering. Well, better late than never and I even had a very special visitor who popped by to say "Hi" to me!

I have not seen Danny for 10 months (that's a long time for doggies like me!) and it felt like it was 10 years! I missed him so much and I wanted to show him my new collection of toys, my snacks, etc...Anyway, when Danny walked through the door, I gave him the welcome of a lifetime! Karen and Sharon felt that I went overboard as I refused to leave him alone and I kept jumping up to kiss and lick his face! I would not even leave him alone for a moment when he sat down. When he started to pat me, I leapt up and licked his entire face! I just could not help it and I wanted to show him how much I missed him! Karen feels that I bully and take advantage of him and Sharon thinks that I have bad manners....but hey, I really missed him a lot and I could not help myself! Dogs are naturally very affectionate creatures and this is what happens when they see a long-lost friend or family member again.

(I miss Danny a lot!)

Anyway, Danny was so nice! He bought me a few packs of Cesar (my favourite!) and he kept telling me that I was a good girl! Wow, that really made my day! He even gave me a tummy rub and he said that I was the best doggie in the world!

(My long-lost pal is holding my birthday cake!)

Danny joined in the birthday fun and he took some lovely photos with me! I think both of us looked great! He sang me a birthday song and he helped me to blow out the candles too! I can't blow candles because the last time I tried, I almost burnt my precious whiskers!

I was sorry when Danny had to leave. I really did not want him to go and I wanted him to stay a little longer to keep me company. When he said 'goodbye' to me, I refused to move and I just laid down on the floor with a very sorrowful expression on my face. I don't like goodbyes and I really felt like weeping when he left. But Karen cheered me up and told me that Danny would pop by for a visit again. Once more, a BIG "Thank You" to my special long-lost friend for celebrating my birthday with me! Please come again and see me soon! I promise to be a good girl! I won't chew the house plants, I won't dig up the trash can, etc...I'll be very good; I promise!


My 4th Birthday Party

(Trying to count the number of candles on my cake)

(I've got so many presents, including a rubber duckie and chocolate bone-shaped biscuits from Italy!)


(Karen looks frazzled cos' I am trying to lick her chin!)

(Jules cannot resist giving me a BIG hug!)

I am 4 years old! In human years, I'll be 28 years old! Sharon, Jules and Karen threw me a simple party and my long-lost buddy, Danny, was invited (see previous post)! We had a great time together! Karen and Danny made and decorated my cake. Sharon got me a rubber duckie and Beggin' Strips! Jules gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Sharon also helped to light up the candle on my cake! It was so fun!

After I blew the candles (with help) and ate my cake, all of them also had cake (a coffee walnut cake that was made by Karen). Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to take human food, so I was not able to try out Karen's cake. But I still like my meat-filled cake as it's juicy and yummy!

Judging from the photos, I had a fantastic and smashing time! Actually, with the kind of love I get from Sharon, Jules, Karen, Danny, Mummy and Daddy, everyday IS like a birthday celebration to me! Boy, I really am a lucky doggie to be blessed with a wonderful family/ friends that love, treasure and cherish me!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Good Life

I decided to be a good doggie the other day and help Sharon and Jules tidy up the house. They've been so busy working and preparing for their exams; they hardly had any time left for housekeeping. When they were at work, I carried all their heavy textbooks and put them back in the shelves in the study room (my jaws hurt!). I also tried mopping the house with my paws (it was very difficult as I could not control the mop). I dusted the cabinets with a duster and that was tricky as I had to do a balancing act with a step-ladder while holding the duster in my mouth. I almost lost my balance a few times and it was quite scary! I also watered the plants but I ended up flooding part of the living room! Thank God the water puddles dried up by the time they came home!

Anyway, Sharon and Jules were pleasantly surprised when they found that the place was tidied up. Both of them were wondering who did it and till today, they never guessed that it was me! Housekeeping is tough and tiring! By the end of the day, my joints and paws were aching and I found it so hard to sleep! Jules was doing his reading that night and I went up to him and asked for a massage. Boy, it was so relaxing! I fell asleep during the massage! Sharon took this shot of me and she said that I was snoring very loudly! I must have really been drained!


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