Thursday, October 27, 2005

ER Brown Monster Style

I swallowed an entire ear digger last week. You know, the wooden Japanese types that have a spherical shaped doll on top? Yeah, I actually swallowed one of those! I was watching the circus on TV and I was so impressed and fascinated by those amazing acrobats who were swallowing knives and fire like it was nothing! Wow! They looked so amazing! I was wondering how they did it....anyway, I decided to try out with something safer and so I used the ear digger.

I sneaked to a quite corner of the house to try out my stunt. Sharon noticed that something was amiss and when she saw half of the digger in my mouth, she screamed and tried to get it out. But because of her back injury, she could not bend down too low to pry open my mouth. She yelled for Jules to come and by the time he was here, the only thing left was wooden fragments of the round Japanese doll! Hehe! It was quite a scene having them both pry open my mouth and trying to get the bits out....

They told Karen and she was really worried...she came round to see me the next day but, I was in good shape! I even managed to beg Mummy and made her part with her last 2 sticks of chicken satay! Karen says that if I start turning blue or acting weird, she will drive me to the ER (Emergency Room) of the vet's. She has been on stand-by 24/7 since that fateful day. Talking about the vet, I found another old photo of me at the vet. This was my 2nd visit to the vet and it was for a routine check-up. Karen looks so proud of me!
PS: Check out the photo of the ear-digger (or whatever that's left of it...)


caedmon 12:43 pm  

your doggy is soooo funny. haha

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