Monday, December 05, 2005

Lock, Stock & Brown Smoking Dog

I get 'cigarettes' (doggie snacks in cigarette form) when I am a good girl or after a bath. It takes me just 10 minutes to 'smoke' my 'cigarette' and best of all, all I need are a few sticks a day to keep me happy! My ciggies are cheap as compared to the human type and Jules got me 1000 sticks for free when I won a $100 pet shop voucher in the Straits Times contest. That's enough to last me for a long long time!

Unlike human cigarettes, mine do not contain an ounce of nicotine or tobacco and are also edible! They are yummy too! They won't give you lung cancer or oral cancer but may have the undesired effect of obesity if too much is consumed.

I love this photo! Sharon thinks I'm cute! Jules says that I can be a cigarette poster girl and Karen feels that I look like the cowboy John Wayne...I think Brown Wayne would be a suitable title!


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