Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Telephone

I hate it each time the phone rings. Everytime when it starts ringing, Sharon and Jules will get excited and they will have to run to answer it. When it concerns work matters, they are filled with anxiety and I feel quite worried when I sense the tensed anxiety. At other times, when the phone rings, Sharon and Jules have to leave the house immediately because they have to go out and someone is waiting for them at the foot of our block to pick them up in a car and to drive them away to some faraway place. All these phone calls deprive me of my love, attention and my hugs/ cuddles/ kisses. Hence, I associate the ringing of the phone with something negative.

I vowed to get even with the phone one day and I did just that. I observed that in order for the phone to stop ringing, someone had to pick it up. If the handset was off the cradle, it would not ring. So, when Sharon and Jules were at work, I managed to use my nose and push the handset off the cradle. When they came home, they were so exhasuted, they did not even notice my little prank!

One day, Sharon tried to call Jules at home. His mobile phone was switched off as he was trying to get the batteries charged. Sharon called and called but she could not get through as the phone was off the hook. Needless to say, she got upset and told Jules that he should not be so careless and leave the phone off the hook. Jules told her that he did not do it and nevertheless, both were equally puzzled as to why the phone was constantly off the hook (this was even after when they made sure every morning to check that it was on the cradle before setting off to work).

Then, Sharon found out that I was the culprit! She woke up (earlier than usual) one morning to make breakfast and she caught me red-handed (or should I say 'red-nosed' since I used my nose) in the act! The handset was quite heavy and it took me about six attempts to knock it off the cradle with my nose, but I managed. Sharon was so stunned that she did not even scold me. After a while, she realised why I did so and being such a wonderful and forgiving master, she did not reprimand me.

I guess Sharon knows how much I love her and Jules. When she told Jules about it, he was so impressed by my keen canine observation and intelligence that he gave me a huge hug! Needless to say, everyone else who has heard about my little telephone prank is impressed too!

Anyway, the phone is now place on a high table (which I can't reach) :-( and Sharon and Jules have both affirmed me that now when the phone rings, they will promise not to run to it and if they have to leave the house, they will give me a hug and a kiss first before they go. Sounds like a fair deal to me!


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