Monday, September 19, 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival 2005

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival! Everyone is eating mooncakes (I stole Sharon's mooncake when she left it on the table that day)! Sharon was mad as she likes the ones with yolks and she was saving the best part for the last when I sneaked up and ate it all in one go! But no one gets mad with me for long as I've got such a loving nature and with my doe-like eyes, I usually get away with murder! Heh heh!

Anyway, I saw the kids playing with traditional Chinese lanterns and I wanted to join them. But Karen felt that the sight of a big, fat, furry brown monster may scare them off, so she got me a small lantern for me to play at home instead! It's my first lantern! I liked it a lot but for safety reasons, I was not allowed to put a lighted candle into in lest I singe and burn myself... I walked around the entire house with it! After a few rounds, I got a little exhausted and I hung it by the window. I checked out the kids at the garden and all of them had such lovely lanterns too! But, I bet none of the doggies had one! Anyway, to all my human friends out there: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (PS: Save me the scraps from the mooncakes, ok?)


Anonymous,  2:15 pm  

Hope you get to steal more mooncakes Brownie...

Your fren

caedmon 12:37 am  

haha is that a lantern from mong? :)

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