Thursday, October 06, 2005

Animal Blessing Day (2005)

The Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi falls on 4th Oct every year. For those who are non-Catholics, St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. I will get to go to church on this very special day once every year to receive my blessings from the priests. They will bless me in the name of St Francis and God and they will pray for me to have a long, healthy and loving life with my owners. That's so wonderful! I really look forward to this big day every year with anxious anticipation. Sharon, Jules and Karen brought me there. There were so many animals this year! And there was also a mini funfair with stalls selling doggie products. We decided not to buy any products for my indulgence as we also wanted to remember the homeless strays and unwanted pets at SPCA. But, I was so excited when I saw a Cesar stall (my favourite food)! Karen went up there as she was hoping to see Chin Ru (the nice lady at Cesar who gave me a prize some time back). But unfortunately, Chin Ru was not there. What a pity! I was looking forward to seeing her and offering her my paw as a sign of friendship! Anyway, the wonderful people at Cesar were giving away a free packet of Cesar, so Karen took one for me as my present!

Anyway, here are some photos that Sharon took of this very special day (Sharon was the photographer this year). There's one of Br. Rowland and Tricks (the church beagle). Tricks got to wear a doggie version of the Franciscan habit; I think he looks stunning! The next one shows Jules carrying me. Actually, Jules was carrying the front part of me and Karen was carrying my backside (but she's hidden from view in this shot)! How embarrassing! I think I've gained to much weight over the past year, Jules cannot carry me alone now without any help! When the priests saw me being carried by two people, they were trying very hard to suppress their laughter! Gee, I guess I must appear to look very comical...the 3rd photo shows Br. Justin (who blessed me) conducting a blessing and the final shot shows more animals getting blessed by Brs. William, Justin and Fr. Clifford.

The lucky animals (like me) had the chance go to church with our loving owners on this very special day to receive our blessings. But, there are many more out there who are not as fortunate as us and many of my friends are out there under the scorching sun and pouring rain with no food to eat. Some of my buddies are also at the SPCA awaiting to be adopted. They were all either lost or abandoned and no one came forward to claim them. If you wish to buy a dog, please consider adopting on of my pals from the SPCA or Action For S'pore Dogs. The fellas at the SPCA aren't that fortunate and for most of them who do not get adopted within a specific period of time, they are put to sleep to resolve them of their heartache, pain and misery. That's really tragic for many of my canine friends out there have so much love and loyalty to offer to the world! All they ask for is an owner who would give them lots of love and a good home! That's not too much to ask for, isn't it? In memory of my departed doggie friends at the SPCA, I wish that they have found the peace, serenity and love that they had been searching for in Doggie Heaven. And for those of my stray buddies, I will continue to pray that they will be able to survive out there in the open; hopefully, not for the rest of their lives as I sincerely wish that they will be able to find good homes too. Happy Belated Feast Day of St Francis to all out there!


caedmon 11:38 pm  

the dog in the franciscan habit looks cute. haha

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