Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conversations in the Brown Abode

When humans talk about their doggies, they talk about how cute they are, what they ate and so on...does it happen here?

Nooooo, I am subjected to the indignity of listening to stories about my...ahem...most private act. (Ok ok, granted I do it in front of the entire neighbourhood, but still, a brown doggy needs her space)

Sharon: She pooped quite a bit today...saw some little bits in her poop. They looked yellow.

Jules : Oh yeah, that must have been the corn she ate last night.

Jules: Man she had a long poop today.

Sharon: You mean she took a long time before she finally pooped? Or she pooped for a long time?

Jules: No, I meant her poop was long, so long she had to raise her butt up for it all to come out and not touch her.

Sharon: She is really naughty.

Jules: How so?

Sharon: She held her poop cos she knows after she poops, she has to come home.

Jules: How do you know?

Sharon: Cos part of her poop came out and she made it go back in again!

Jules: GENIUS Doggy!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poor Doggy

I hope he is happy. I think he is because he has his human and he (the dog) looks clean and healthy.


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