Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Fitness Routine With Jules

Jules is really the best personal trainer that any doggie could ask for in this world! Every day, rain or shine, Jules will take me out for my 30-minute long walks. Sometimes, we would stroll at a leisurely pace; at other times, we would be running drills military-style. Boy, it can be really exhausting! Sometimes, I wonder how Jules does it (he's only got 2 legs and I have 4)! If the weather is good, he would even take me hill-climbing (there is a small hill near our place) and once I am up there (there is a flat, plateau-like open space up there), he would release the leash to let me run freely for a short while. It kills my legs when we climb the hill but Jules is such a great motivator! When he senses that I am tired, he'd start cheering me on and he will even sing army songs. That will always get me going! So, whenever I get bogged down with the philosophies of life and living, I would always recall those struggling moments of Jules and me at our hill-climbing stints and that will never fail to motivate me to make things better!

Also, due to the intensity of the climb, both of us will usually spend the first few minutes at the top of the hill lying on our backs to catch our breath (sometimes, I drool all over Jules, but he doesn't seem to mind!). Once we get that done, we would do a little bit of exploring as we have a great sense of adventure! We even discovered a family of strays living at a corner of the hill! I approached them and tried to make friends, but I think they're afraid of humans and are also quite territorial of their space. Anyway, I took a photo of my friends who live up the hill to show to all of you.

I wished that Sharon and Karen would join us on our hill-climbing adventures (that would be fun!), but both of them are not too keen on fitness, so till I convince them further, it will just be Jules and me for now. This may sound a little bit ambitious, but someday, I hope to scale the heights of Mount Everest with Jules! We'd be the first doggie and master team in the world to do so! So in the meantine, it will just be the two of us homing on our mountain-climbing and peak-scaling skills for now at the small hill behind our house.


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