Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jules!

Yesterday was Jules' birthday! I tried to hunt for a nice birthday gift for him. But I was unsuccessful as no one would accept my doggie toys or treats ( I can't count money, so I decided to barter trade). I also tried to trade off some old bones that I store away for my precious snack but no one was interested. Hey, humans are so strange! They seem to value a piece of coloured paper (called money) more than my canine treasures...I also tried to perform a few tricks but people were so busy rushing around with their daily lives, no one noticed me...

In the end, I went back home and decided to look around the house to make something for Jules. I wanted to make him a birthday card, but I was unable to use the scissors with my paws and I ended up sniffing so much of the art shop glue that I got drowsy and dozed off at the desk. I woke up with scraps of paper stuck to my nose and whiskers and I had to spend hours in the bathroom trying to yank them off (it hurt!). I was about to give up the idea when I saw a small white ribbon lying around the house. I figured out that it was from some gift-wrapped present. I had a brilliant idea! I stuck the ribbon onto my head (with minimal amount of glue, of course) and waited for Jules and Sharon to come home. When they finally did so, I gave them my famous million-dollar welcome and for the entire night, I was on my best behaviour! I felt that since I could not buy or make Jules anything for his birthday, I would give him all my doggie love instead. That would be the best gift that any human could receive from their pet dogs! Here's a picture of me with the white ribbon and a picture of me singing "Happy Birthday" to Jules. I don't think he or Sharon understood a word as it sounded like a bark to them!


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