Friday, August 29, 2008

Please say a Prayer for Brownie

Dear friends,

We noticed a lump on her tummy sometime back and brought her to the vet who said not to worry. Then recently (past 2 weeks), we noticed it became bigger. Plus recently (also in the past 2 weeks), we noticed a lump on her hip. Our brave doggy is at the vet right now and they are scheduling for an emergency ultrasound/ultrascan at another location. Thank goodness Jules and his dad are with her.

The stomach lump could be hernia, could be cancer.

Since I am already on the Internet, I thought I would ask for the most powerful healing medication of all - your prayers and positive thoughts.

Thank you
Sharon and Jules


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vrrrrooooom Vrrrooooom

PS: Don't you think I deserve an Award for PATIENCE?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Wendy the muscular whippet

People mistake her for a pitbull with a pinhead, but Wendy the whippet is one rare breed.

So rare that the Central Saanich dog recently graced the New York Times. She also had several of her photos shown on The Today Show, all because of a rare genetic mutation that has led to her being the Incredible Hulk of dogs.

Wendy is a 27-kilogram rippling mass of muscle. Forget the so-called six-pack stomach: Wendy has a 24-pack. And the muscles around her neck are so thick, they look like a lion's ruff.

"People have referred to her as Arnold Schwarzenegger," says doting owner Ingrid Hansen, stroking Wendy's sleek black coat and white chest.

Wendy was recently part of a genetics study done in the U.S. on mutation in the myostatin gene in whippets, which resemble greyhounds in appearance.

Hansen has had Wendy, now four, since she bought the dog from a Shawnigan Lake breeder when she was eight months old.

Wendy landed in clover. She lives on an acreage, runs around with other dogs and horses, sleeps on Hansen's bed and pretty much anywhere else she wants to.

People are often afraid when the muscle-bound dog runs up to them on her dainty whippet-thin legs, but they soon realize she's friendly, Hansen said.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Dog who walks on 2 legs

Isn't this doggie brave? Its cute to look at but let me tell you, its really tiring to walk on your back legs. It is ok for you hoomans but for us doggies, it takes a lot of energy. Imagine hopping on one foot all the time. Thankfully, he has a great hooman who loves him just as he is.


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