Friday, September 16, 2005

My New Friend!

I've got a new friend; his name is Danny! Actually, he's Karen's old friend...but any friend of Karen's (or Sharon's or Jules') is also a friend of mine. Karen and Danny have been friends for almost 15 years! Wow! That's a long time! It's equivalent to 105 doggie years (1 human year = 7 doggie years)!! For doggies like us, it's like having an old friend for a century!

Danny was around the vicinity that day and he popped by to say "Hi" to me. I took an immediate liking to him and I gave him more that what he had bargained for...actually, I gave him a trillion-dollar welcome! I just could not stop myself from jumping at him! He was so nice and he did not push me away or raise his voice at me! When he sat down, I kept licking his legs, neck and face...I think he liked it quite a lot as he just sat there and allowed me to kiss him. Sharon tapped my buttocks lightly with a cane as she felt that it was bad manners and that I was not behaving well. But I totally ignored her and I continued to shower my new found friend with all my doggie affection. At one point, I got so carried away; I even pounced on him! He lost his balance and ended up lying on the floor! What did I do? Well, I continued to lick his face! But he's so nice. He never lost his patience and he kept saying that I was a 'good girl'! Wow, that really made me so happy! After a while, I calmed down and I decided to behave myself. I showed him my doggie tricks, my toys, my snacks and I even offered him my paw as a sign of friendship. He accepted my furry brown paw, so I think we are now friends. I hope to see Danny again soon. I will play catch with him and I will roll on my tummy and let him tickle me. I'm the best doggie in the world and I am sure Danny feels that way about me too! Danny, please come and see me again! Brown Monster misses her new friend!


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