Monday, November 27, 2006


See what happened to me? Nothing much compared to some stray doggies but still I got loads of fussing...I can't even see the top of my head and I didn't even know I was bleeding. Neither did Sharon and Jules, they were laughing at my wet spot, chuckling at how messy a doggy I was to drink and splash water all over my head. It was only when that wet spot didn't dry, that they realised it was blood.

I got it running through a recently cut bush. So be careful ok when you walk through bushes.

Also another thing Sharon wants me to write about - never use human medication on a doggie's wound. She used Zambuk on me and it itched like mad! So I scratched like a dog with a million fleas. And the wound was always red and sore. She's all guilty now but I told her I understood and love her anyway.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Been a Busy Doggie

I have been a really busy doggie. I have been busy looking after Sharon who had her recurring back problem again. I also had to take care of her as she was tired after her operation.

It has been crazy. Jules and Sharon have had no time to clean the house, or wash the clothes and I had to do it all. No wonder my doggy paws are all wrinkly.

Sharon has promised me that she will stop studying after her course is done and devote more time to her health and mine. (That means more walks for me! Yay)

I also went for a walk that day and cut my head on a bush. Now I have a bald patch on my head. But Karen says she will love me no matter what.

All of us are also on "Operation get the lone doggie". You see, we live in a flat and across the flat there is a huge hill and a sorta forest. And in that forest live 6 doggies, including 2 puppies.

There was once 8 puppies but 6 of them have since disappeared. I get teary at this stage of my story...

Sniff. Sniff. And well the 6 doggies live together and we climb up the hill at night (some nights only) to leave food there. Why at night? Well, the people living in our area have complained to the AVA about the poor doggies. And the AVA put up notices at the void decks telling everyone they have exterminated 3 doggies! And not to worry, they will look out for more. My doggy heart broke into a million pieces when Sharon read that to me. Why the intolerance?

So anyway, back to "Operation get the lone doggie". There is a 7th dog, we have been watching him since he was a pup. For some strange reason, the other doggies hate him. They won't even let him near them. When he was a pup, he would sit on the hill looking regal and at peace. As he started growing, we could see his expression change, he was always sad looking, his tail was always between his legs and his ears down. We have never seen him wag his tail. He has no friends and no one at all in this whole wide world. We think it was his family that got caught by the AVA. Sharon says I have to learn to share and that she hopes to bring him home one day.

But he runs away all the time when approached. Ricky from the ASD told us that if we ever caught a doggie, he would sterilise them and then let them loose again. We asked why didn't he wouldn't keep them. He told us it was not that wouldn't but that he really couldn't.

He told us he had his hands full and it was so difficult to find foster homes for these dogs. That is so true. Ricky's family themselves are looking after so many doggies. And I remember when Sharon first got me, Ricky volunteered to look after me for a while.

So we are trying to make friends with that skinny, lonely, sad black doggie. I usually hate other doggies but I know that I will find space in my brown doggie heart to welcome him to our home.
But I know deep down, chances of us getting him home before he gets exterminated is close to nothing.


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