Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rise and Shine!

Good morning! Rise and Shine! The early bird gets the worm, the early dog gets the bone and the early human beings get their Big Breakfast at Mickey Dees! Ok, you get the hint! Brownie wakes up a hungry dog after many hours of sleep as she runs around the sunny cornfields chasing birds and she nips the postman's ankles in her doggie dreams. That burns off a significant number of calories! According to Sharon, when I am in a state of deep sleep and while I am visiting Dreamland, I actually make soft, yappy barks and my legs move around as if I am running. Sharon has tried to film me on video, but so far, she's got no luck because she will usually get so excited and all her excitement will wake me up. Sharon and Jules love to see me in that state cos' they find me extra cute, especially when I make those yappy barks. Too bad, Karen has only seen me move my legs; she's never heard my Dreamland bark yet.

Anyway, back to breakfast again. When I was living with Mummy, Daddy and Sharon, Mummy used to cook me a sumptuous breakfast to start my day! She'd give me a bowl of milk, a piece of buttered toast and one fried egg! (Now, you know where my calories came from!) But as the old saying goes, it's no fun partaking a meal alone, so I like to have human company around me when I eat! Daddy usually goes off to work early, Mummy is busy with household chores, so I leave her alone. The only person left for me to call to share my breakfast with is Sharon! So, I will usually sneak into her room, pull off her blanket and bark at her to wake up. Most of the time, it does not work, so I have to put my head on her bed and literally breathe down her face! Haha! That wakes her up! Sometimes, the sudden sight of waking up with a huge doggie face in front of her eyes scares her and she will jolt out of bed! That's really funny!

Here's a photo of me with my paw on the bed...I am pawing at Sharon and asking her to wake up and make me breakfast! My nails are a little long, so she will be taking me for a "paw-dicure" soon :-)

Those were the good old days...but now that I've moved in with Jules and Sharon, things have changed. They are busy executives with no time to cook breakfast, so I get dried doggie food and no human company to start my day! :-( But, I always look forward to dinner cos' Sharon eats in front of the TV with me (I get to watch TV!) and Jules will feed me some scraps when I beg. And best of all, I get to snuggle at their feet or next to them after the meal and this comes with my free dosage of TLC! Here's another photo of me eating Japanese ramen noodles! I struggled with the chopsticks for a while, but hey, I learn fast!


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