Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vital Statistics

I overheard Karen telling Sharon that she would be measuring my vital statistics again real soon! In case you're puzzled, let me explain: Humans go for their dental check-up once in 6 months and they go for a general medical check-up once a year or so. Besides my yearly visit to the vet, Karen actually measures me with measuring tape once every 6 months! I'm not too proud of my statistics so far. So, the only thing I will reveal is my (now non-existent) waistline. I measured a full 30" at the waist at the last measurement in Dec 2004! Wow! That's like me fitting into a pair of Levis! Waist measurement aside, Karen also measures my body length and she takes my weight too (that's secret)!

And for those who DO NOT believe that I have a 30-inch waistline, here are some photos to prove it! Seeing IS believing! I need to go for hour-long walks and to go on a no-carbo/ all protein diet soon with no snacks, no junk food and water only and the occasional treat of low fat milk! Yuk yuk.... :-(( That's extremely sad news for a foodie doggie like me...but I really want to live to a ripe old age and have a long and fulfilling life! I also want to spend many many good, quality-filled years with Sharon and Jules cos' I love them so much!!


Anonymous,  10:48 pm  

She is soooo cute but yes needs to go on a diet!

patricia s.

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