Saturday, August 27, 2005

Virtual Pets

adopt your own virtual pet!

Sharon's so smart! She managed to find a brown doggie cartoon figure (in honour of me!) and she decided to post it on this blog...the brown toony dog even wags its tail! (Move your mouse around the dog's head and its head would follow and turn to the direction of the mouse! Click on the Puppy Treats and a bone will appear! The doggie will bark too!) Boy, am I lucky to have an owner like Sharon! She REALLY loves me!!! Check it out! And for those who wish to own pets but cannot afford the time/ money to do so, please adopt a virtual pet. It's better than buying one and then neglecting it. There was a case in the papers a few days back: a man was fined S$3000 for causing the death of his Alaskan malamute dog. He had left the dog with its thick double layer fur coat out in the sun with no water to drink and in a filthy and dangerous environment (the yard was strewn with faeces and sharp tools). The poor doggie eventually died of heatstroke and when I saw the photo of the dead dog in the papers, I wept and cringed as it had blood foaming out of its nostrils....I could imagine the pain and agony it went through! I think that's really diabolical on the owner's part! What did the dog do to deserve such cruel treatment? The man only got away with a fine! That's not justice, in my opinion! How can one just pay a fine for the death of an animal caused by outright cruelty and negligence and expect to get away with it? One cannot put a price or a net worth to a life! We are all living creatures who have feelings and emotions and we all deserve a right to live and to the sanctity of life! I don't wish to be mean as I am very good-natured, but personally, I wish that the man goes to jail for a longer period of time, gets 24 strokes of the cane, gets no food and water while in prison and gets chained by a short leash to the backyard of the prison in a double-layered fur coat with faeces and sharp tools all around him; all under the blazing tropical heat. That will finally make him realise what his poor dog went through. His poor dog who had given him all the unconditional love, trust and loyalty in this world only to be repayed with such horrendous treatment!

A volunteer from the Action of Singapore Dogs has started a petition regarding a longer jail term for animal abusers. Please sign the petition and give us a voice that will be heard. Speak up for us; we are also God's creatures:


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