Monday, August 01, 2005


Sharon's back!! Yippeee!!!! I missed her so much during those agonising 5 days, I hardly ate or slept! I had even lost a few inches from my tummy and now that she is back, life for me is back to normal! I missed my master so much! I had been such a good girl and Jules had nothing but praises for me when Sharon asked if I had behaved myself.

Poor Sharon was so busy with work, she did not manage to shop around while she was overseas. So, she did not get me anything, but you know what? It does not matter to me! My master is back and that is what counts! I was so excited when she came back; when I saw her dragging her luggage out from the cab, I was barking and whining non-stop! I swore the entire block could hear me and I might have irritated a few neighbours for those few minutes...but who cares? I was welcoming my master back with all the love from the botton of my brown heart and I summoned every ounce of my doggie energy to show her my act of love!

Now that Sharon is back, I am playing with my toys again! Yes! I have a basket full of toys and everyday, I will make Sharon or Jules play with me! I'd bite a toy, run like a racehorse around the house, pounce on the furniture, bark at them and force them to play 'catch' with me! It's so fun! Usually, I win as I have four legs! Four legs good, two legs bad (quote from Snowball & Napolean from Animal Farm)! Haha!! Sometimes, Jules will grab me in the midst of racing. He will then proceed to swing me round a few times and he will do a DDT or RKO (WWE wrestling moves) on me before he will let me go! It's rough play sometimes, but it's fun and good exercise! Check me out with my blue squeaky rubber ball and my (now) one-legged Woodstock. I'm such a smart doggie, I have also found another use for the blue rubber ball besides using it as a squeaky toy. Whenever I want to go to the toilet at the great outdoors, I will run around the coffee table non-stop with the ball in my mouth and start whining. The sight of me running round the table and the sounds of the squeaky ball and my whining combined never fails to drive everyone nuts and they will have no choice but to take me out for my toilet trip and for my walk! Aren't I a smart doggie?


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