Monday, August 22, 2005

True Loyalty

A certain credit card company claims that it will 'go the extra mile for you'. Another bank commercial says that they 'will always be there for you'. Yet, another well-known insurance company stresses that they 'will always be caring and watching for you and your loved one'. I have been watching lots of TV with Sharon and Jules lately, so I get to see lots of commercials ( I only like the ones on dog food!). Personally, I don't believe all that these commercials claim-- with regards to loyalty. I mean, how loyal can they be as compared to doggies like us? There is always a commercial element involved. For us, loyalty is unconditional. There is no other form of loyalty stronger than a dog's loyalty. Nothing beats a dog's loyalty to his/ her master; not even death. There have been cases of dogs getting killed while trying to defend their masters. That's common for all of us; it's a universal doggie trait and a common canine characteristic. We go MORE than the extra fact, we even walk thousand of miles on foot, just to get back to our beloved masters. There have also been documented cases of super loyal dogs who refuse to leave their master's grave and these dogs eventually die there; right next to their masters! That's how loyal we are! Needless to say, we will always be there for our masters and their families. We love and care for them and will always be watching over them.

Actually, I will never go to bed unless both Sharon and Jules are asleep. If either one of them is not asleep, I will accompany him/ her and I will only retire when he/ she finally goes to sleep. Lately, Jules has been working so hard. He's been doing work on his laptop and settling a lot of paperwork (thus, I don't chew those papers) till the wee hours of the morning. I want him to go and sleep but he has so much to do. So, I accompany him while he does his work and sometimes, I will fall asleep at his lap. But, I know that I am appreciated cos' he will pat me to sleep and tell me that I am a 'good girl'. That makes me very contented and it is certainly worth losing the sleep and going the extra mile for my master. I have noticed some eye bags lately; perhaps I will use some of Sharon's eye cream when she is at work! Let's hope she will not discover the paw prints on her vanity counter! :-)


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