Friday, October 28, 2005

The Photo On Karen's Desk

If you go to Karen's room and peep at her writing desk, you will see the photo of a very, very, very special person: ME! Ok, I told a half-truth.... Karen has a very treasured photo of her beloved late Aunt (whom I have sadly never met), but besides her Aunt, the only other photo on her desk is that of me!!

Boy, I was so happy when I learnt that Karen decided to put my photo in such a prominent place! When questioned by Sharon, she told Sharon that the very sight of me fills her with joy and makes all her worries go away!

Anyway, this special photo of mine was taken 2 years back while I was still living in Mummy's house. Sharon cut it into a doggy shape and she gave it to Karen as a birthday card (my first birthday card to Karen!). Karen mounted it on some expensive paper and it is now sitting underneath her table lamp.

So everytime when she gets stressed out with her paperwork, all she needs to do is to take a look at me! Brownie the Brown Monster is an excellent form of therapy! I radiate so much love that even when absent, Karen can feel all my doggie love and affection!

PS: I am sure if Karen ever became a medical doctor, she would pioneer a form of therapy for stressed-out humans and it would be called Brown Monster Therapy! All they need to do is to stare at my photo, look deep into my cute and innocent eyes and I am sure all their worries would melt away! How's that for an instant cure at your desk? No need to jet away to some sun-drenched beach half a world away!

Lots of Brown Love,


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