Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hygiene. It is essential to keep clean as we will look good, smell nice and feel great! Being clean also keeps the germs and bugs away. From what I have observed, humans bathe everyday! I get my showers once a week. Bath time is a challenge for me as Sharon and Karen would have to chase me round the house and herd me like a cow into the bathroom. I think they feel like farmers on the ranch while they do that! Sometimes, I act and pretend to play dead when I know that they are going to bathe me. I would pretend to lie on the floor and I would give them a scared and pitiful look and I would refuse to move. On other occasions, I would tense up and clench my paws. It makes it hard for me to move and Karen has to literally drag me upright on four legs to the toilet. It is quite comical to Karen and Sharon and they find that sight rather amusing. Sometimes, Karen has to bring the snack bottle to the toilet and shake it inside the bathroom. When I go in, she would shut the door and trap me. No choice: that's the price I pay for my greed! :-( There was another time where Karen lured me to the window on the pretense that there was something interesting to look at. The minute I was there, she threw a towel over me, grabbed me and carried all 30+kgs of me to the toilet! Wow, I never knew that she was that strong! I am quite scared of baths as I do not like the initial feeling of water flowing over me. I will usually walk all around the bathroom when they try to bathe me too. Karen and Sharon bathe me with warm water and fragrant-smelling special doggie shampoo. Karen even sings and talks to me while she is cleaning me! But once I learn to relax while getting my spa treatment, I kind of enjoy it! :-) After the bath, Karen will clean my teeth with canine toothpaste (I hate that!) and she will also clean my ears with a cotton bud and with some anti-ear mite solution. I think Karen should be a vet! I used to be scared of the ear-cleaning procedure but since she is so gentle, I enjoy it right now. Karen digs out so much black gold from my ear cavities (gold-mining), she can soon open a jewellery shop! Here's a picture of me getting my ears cleaned! Check out that funny look on my face!


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