Thursday, July 07, 2005


I get to go for car rides sometimes as a treat for being a good girl! Sharon and Jules will either take me to the vet (that's not a reward, actually!) or to Karen's house for a day of pampering. I wished that they had more time... I am sure they would take me for long spins!

I saw Jules watching Fomula One racing on TV that day and boy, it looked really thrilling! I wish that I can learn to drive! I'd drive Sharon and Jules to work, Karen to church and Sharon to the shopping mall! But sadly, I tried to hold the steering wheel once with my paws and got scolded instead :-( I think Sharon read my mind about my desire to drive and she got me a car that day!! Well, it's not a real car to drive in but a toy rubber car for me to chew on! It even squeaks whenever I chew on it! Isn't that cool? So, doggies like me cannot drive...but since I have one to chew on and to exercise my oral muscles, I'm contented. (PS: I think I will look smashing in a red Ferrari with my red T-shirt, don't you think so? Anyway, here's some cool pictures of me and my chewy lime green rubber car. Check it even has wheels, headlights and windows!)


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