Saturday, July 23, 2005


Nicknames. Do you have any? Everyone out there has at least one. Some are nice, complimentary and flattering (like Sexy, Handsome, Smartie, Brainy, Genius...). Others may be not-so-nice (like Fatty, Slob, Dumbo...). Guess what? I have so many nicknames, I actually have to list them down. Some are quite cute-sounding but a few are not so goes:

1) Brown Monster (by Karen)- Short form of it is BM; not the one on wheels, but the one with 4 legs.
2) Brownie Roo (by Sharon)- I look like a kangaroo from the back when I stand on my hind legs.
3) RooBarka (by Sharon)- I have the same fur colour as Chubaka from Star Wars. Thank God I don't have his face!
4) Brown Bicycle Seat (by Karen)- From the shape of my head. If you look closely from the correct angle, it does look like a furry bicycle seat with eyes and ears. (See photo).
5) Big Bad Woof (by Karen)- I look a bit like the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.
6) Black Hole (by Jules)- From my never-ending appetite for food.
7) Bottomless Pit (by Jules)- Same reason as (6)

and my all time favourite nickname (by Karen): THE BEST DOGGIE IN THE WORLD!


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