Monday, June 27, 2005

My Signature

It seems that humans live in a very complicated world! They have to learn to write and read stuff like letters, books, documents, newpapers, etc... I saw Sharon signing on some papers that night and she looked like a wise professor with her pen! I want to learn how to write too! I tried to use a pen one day when no one was around and I found out that doggies like me cannot use pens with our paws. Anyway, I found an ink pad and I walked on it. Then, I discovered that I could sign my name too!! Yippee! I got so excited I was leaving my paw prints on all the papers I could find around the house (including Daddy's TV page)! But I left the walls alone as Mummy would murder me if I messed up her nice and clean walls! Here's my paw print. If I ever become a celebrity dog, this would be my canine autograph!


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