Monday, June 27, 2005

My 2nd Birthday

Time flies!! So much has been going on in my doggie life these days! I had been busy barking at cats and birds, chasing the workers outside the yard, scaring the naughty kids outside, biting the leaves of Sharon's plants, etc... :-) I had been so busy with my canine activities, I had lost track of time! When I saw Karen making me a cake out of dog food, I was so excited and I figured out that it must be my birthday! Well, when I saw the figure "2", I knew that I was right! (I had taught myself to read numbers, so that I would know my actual age). As always, it was a yummy cake! (I wished that I had a 3-tier cake though but I am on the South Beach Diet for now, so I had to keep my portions small...). Happy Birthday to Me.....


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