Monday, June 27, 2005

My 1st X'mas

I heard Sharon and Karen talking about X'mas. I did not know what it was about but I figured out that it was about going to church for a very special Mass to celebrate Jesus' birthday and there would be a very fat old man in a red suit (I think they call him Santa) who would give out presents. I have been a very good doggie all year round and I was wondering if Santa would give me some nice doggie gifts...I learnt that Santa has pets too! But they are called reindeers. I wonder if Santa has any doggies at his home...perhaps I could make friends with his dog, if he has one!

Anyway, I was very busy on X'mas Day! I had to dress up as a reindeer and as Santa. My job was to go around the house to give presents to everyone! Boy, it was tiring as I did not have a sleigh or any reindeers to help me to carry my gifts! Now I know what kind of a job Santa has! No wonder he only works once a year! Anyway, everyone at home was so happy that I did an excellent job and as a reward, I had my special doggie Christmas cake (made by Karen)! I was so exhausted after a hard day's work, I fell asleep and forgot to remove my Santa hat.


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