Monday, June 27, 2005

2nd Animal Blessing Day (Oct 2004)

Karen, Sharon and Jules (Sharon's fiancee then, now husband) brought me to church for my 2nd Animal Blessing for the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi. Wow! There were so many animals this year, there was hardly any space to move around! I ended up standing next to a horrible shar-pei who looked like a giant squid. He was such a slob and had such yukky manners. He was breathing so hard, he sounded like a noisy car engine and it really annoyed me. I growled at him and showed him my teeth, just to scare him. The coward got so scared, he puked (Haha!) and before I could even laugh, he ate up all of his puke (Yukk!!) disgusting! Anyway, my favourite priest, Fr. John, is now in England and he could not do the blessing this year. So, Fr. Clifford did it instead. But he did such a bad job as he was so disorganised and he did not go to all the pets in an organised manner. He almost missed me but luckily, Jules carried me and ran after Fr. Clifford to get my blessing! After the blessing, Karen took a photo of Sharon, Jules and me! We look great together, don't we? Jules is now my special friend cos' he's so nice to me! He takes me out for walks, plays wrestling with me and he even lets me sleep next to him in bed!


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