Monday, June 27, 2005

My 1st Birthday Party!

No one knows exactly when I was born or how old I am. The vet told Sharon and Karen my approximate age and when they counted the months backwards, they discovered that I was born in the month of June around 2002. And since Karen dotes on me, I will have the honour of celebrating my birthday with her (she is also born in June, but is a great deal older than me!). I was thrilled! I've never had a birthday cake before in my life! Karen skilfully made me a 'cake' out of dog food and dog biscuits. There was also a candle and they sang me a birthday song. I could not wait for the song to end as I was drooling! Anyway, there was no need to cut the cake since it was all for ME!! Yummy! I also got many presents: toys, snacks and a new collar!


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