Monday, June 27, 2005

Animal Blessing Day At Church (2003)

I received my first blessings at church on 4th Oct 2003! It was also the Feast Day of St Francis (my patron saint for doggies and all animals). Sharon and Karen took me to church and I was so lucky as I was the first one to get blessed!

I was really scared of Fr. John at first. He was so tall and when when he walked towards me with the wand-like object filled with (holy) water, my instincts got the better of me and I started to run away! But as I was on a leash, I could not go far. Everyone found it funny and they started laughing; even Fr. John! Anyway, Karen carried me in her arms and I received my blessings. It was not that scary after all! Fr. John said a nice prayer for me and he's got such a nice and gentle voice. I am sure God and St Francis would be looking out for me and that they would take good care of me.

After the blessing, Karen and Sharon introduced me to Fr. John. I did not know how to say "Hello" in human language, so I started to lick his fingers as a sign of friendship. He was so kind and sweet! He stroked and patted me and he even said that I was a 'good girl'! Wow, that made me so happy! I was also fascinated with his beautifully tailored habit and stole; I kept looking at it while he was patting me. I hope that someday, Fr. John will come to visit me at home! I will show him all my toys and snacks and of course, I will also show him that I can sit, lie down, shake paws and do lots of tricks. I am sure he will say that I am a very smart doggie! Here are the photos of that special day of my life. I hope everyone likes it.


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