Monday, June 27, 2005

I Have A New Home!

Sharon and Jules tied the knot in Dec 2004. What a pity the Registry of Marriages does not allow doggies to be present to witness their master's wedding! But I did say a special prayer for the both of them and I wished them lots of love and happiness together! We did not have a X'mas party for me this year as Sharon and Jules were so busy trying to renovate their new house, buying furniture, was OK for me as I'm an extremely understanding doggie and so long as I get my TLC, it's fine with me. I moved to my new home in Feb 2005 and even though I was not used to it at first (I missed Daddy and Mummy a lot! I also missed scaring the garbage collectors and barking at the cats and birds!), I managed to adapt and settle in quicker than everyone had expected. It's on the 5th floor and it took me a while to get used to heights, but I get a great view of the outside world from the living room window and now, I bark at cabbies when they drop their passengers off. There is also a small little hill nearby and when Jules takes me out for my walks, we will race each other up the hill! (I usually win as I have 4 legs!) Karen comes to visit me very often and I always give her my famous 'million-dollar welcome' when she does so!


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