Monday, June 27, 2005

I Am A Celebrity Canine!

If you go back to my X'mas photos, there's a very cool-looking one of me trying hard to look like one of Santa's reindeers (the one with the furry brown antlers). Karen sent that picture to the Cesar webpage and I was chosen to be their covergirl online as their "December Dog of the Month"! I am really so lucky!! 2 attempts at contests and both times, I won something! This time, I received a HUGE hamper from Cesar consisting of a dog bowl, a placemat, a huge plastic spoon and 18 packs of Cesar! Yummy! I love Cesar! It's my favourite cos' there are so many delicious flavours to choose from and they even have veggies in it! When Karen went to collect my prize for me, the nice lady at Cesar's told Karen that I looked fabulous! She's so nice; if I ever get to meet her, I will be on my best behaviour and I will shake paws with her and tell her "Thank You". Who knows? She may be so impressed with my good manners, she may even consider hiring me as their in-house model and as the new face of Cesar!


Chin Ru 1:50 pm  

Hi Brownie!
I'm so glad you enjoyed being our celebrity Dog of the Month! I'm sure that if we met, I would think you looked better in 'person' - (er... or 'in dog'!) Hope CESAR still keeps you happy.

From the 'nice lady' from CESAR.

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