Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One White Whisker= My 3rd Birthday

Karen was fiddling around with my whiskers that day. She does that when she cleans my teeth (with cinnamon-flavoured canine toothpaste...yukks!). She got so excited, started gesturing wildly to Sharon and I was wondering what the fuss was all about....turns out that I am a year older and I have a white whisker! Boo hoo!! I wanted to ask Karen to dye my single white whisker to its original beautiful ebony shade but it turns out that they do not sell doggie dye out there at the pharmacists or pet shops. Perhaps someone smart should invent a doggie or kittie dye for image-conscious pets like me. It will be a lucrative business, trust me! We may grow older (like everyone else), but we also want to look out best (like everyone else). I was so upset about my white whisker, I sulked the whole day and refused to eat. Jules thought that I was sick when he failed to cheer me up (usually, all he has to do is shake the snack bottle and all my worries will go away)! Sharon was thinking of taking me to the vet (I have not been there in ages). Then, Karen hinted that I was a year older and that a nice birthday party in my new house would certainly cheer me up! Well, she read my thoughts and as soon as I saw the lovely cake with the number "3" on it, all woes about the white whisker vanished into thin air!! I guess age is just a number....with a loving family around me and with the kind of love that I get; what is one white whisker?? ;-) Oh, I tried to blow the candles this year and failed again (Karen did it for me). In the process, I ended up singeing more whiskers! Gotta get whisker implants!!!

(PS: My birthday wish this year was for all the poor abandoned doggies at the SPCA to be adopted into good homes. I made a wish for the strays last time; this time it would be for the sad, abandoned canines. Please don't abandon your pets: they may just be another dog/ cat/ hamster/ kangaroo/ horse/ king cobra/ zebra to you, but to them, you are their world and their everything).


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