Monday, September 05, 2005

Diet and Exercise

I'm a fat dog...a fat dog isn't a healthy dog (or so they say). I get some form of exercise daily during my walks and depending on whoever is available to be my exercise trainer for the day, I will get a different routine. Jules will take me for a run up the hill military style (that's tiring!) and Sharon will take me around the entire estate for my walks. Karen comes over during weekends and she will take me whenever she pleases...actually, it is me who takes her around to places that she'd rather not go!

But, since my input >output, I still cannot attain the desired weight target and I still am unable to shed that desirable number of kilos. So, Sharon and Jules will make me do some aerobics at home while they watch TV or when they are doing their paperwork. Usually, I manage on my own, but sometimes when I find difficulty in balancing, I get help (see picture). Look at my tummy! I have some nice abs and soon, I will have a washboard tummy with 6-pack abs! Sharon has promised to buy me some brand new trainers (Reebok, Addidas or Nike) and Jules will treat me to some low-fat, low carb, high protein healthy doggie snack when I reach my desired weight! Way to go!!


Anonymous,  8:56 pm  

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Anonymous,  9:47 pm  

She is the cutest. Best doggie indeed.

caedmon 1:59 pm  

heyo, cute blog. didn't think mongrels would be so adorable! :) yeah, tis me, the one who sat next to you during lecture last nite. write more :)

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