Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Arch Enemy

A sweet and loving dog like me with such a great personality loves everyone! OK...everyone, except for this particular wooden handicraft cat that Sharon has on her shelf. Sharon got this wooden cat from some handicraft market in Bali and for some unexplainable reason, I really hate it!! Every time I walk past the shelf, I HAVE to bark at it. Oh, that evil-looking cat has a name, by the way...Sharon and Karen decided to call it Meow Meow after I starting "woofing" and "bow-wow-wow-ing" at it. Everyone finds it amusing when I do so! She's got other feline wooden figurines but I simply detest this one! One day, Sharon decided to tidy up the shelf and she left Meow Meow on the floor. I sneaked up to it and I started to chew its ear! Haha! Too bad, it's made of real solid wood (not sawdust). I did not manage to chew off the entire ear, but I will consider biting off its tail the next time. On another occasion, I was being picky with my food and in order to make me finish my food, Karen placed Meow Meow next to my dinner bowl. Obviously, I did not want that horrid feline near my food and in a few seconds, my bowl was all clean! So whenever I start getting picky or fussy during meal times, Meow Meow is always used as a threat...strangely, it works every time as I cannot stand the sight of having Meow Meow near my food! Here are some pictures of me and Meow Meow. I personally like the one of me chewing off its ear :-))


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