Sunday, July 03, 2005

Make Poverty History/ LIVE 8

I might have been a stray dog in the past, but I have a BIG, charitable heart. My past experience of canine poverty allows me to empathise strongly with the poor, marginalised, voiceless and homeless. I saw Karen surfing the Net a few days back and she was so engrossed with the "Make Poverty History" and "LIVE 8" websites. She's lived in London before, so anything that happens in that part of the world naturally interests her. She even bought a white silicon wristband that says: "Make Poverty History". Isn't that cool? For those who are unaware, the LIVE 8 concerts are a series of concerts that are held simultaneously in London, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Berlin, South Africa, Canada and Moscow. In fact, Karen is now helping me to update this blog while listening to the "Live" concert from Hyde Park (thanks to BBC Radio 1)! What a pity there are no such concerts here in Singapore! We should also participate in such international charity events! I am sure Karen, Sharon and Jules will attend the concert if they have it here and I am sure they will bring me along too!

LIVE 8 intends to raise awareness regarding the terrible state of poverty in Third World countries. There will be a G8 summit meeting next week in Scotland and the organisers of LIVE 8 hope that the G8 and the rich First World nations would do their part in helping to eradicate world poverty by doubling the aid to Third World countries, dropping the oustanding debt and by making trade fair (Free Trade is NOT fair trade). Just think about it: 8 powerful men who meet next week carry the fate and future of millions in their hands. The purpose of LIVE 8 is not to raise money, but awareness. If that does not connect to you, think about this: Every 3 seconds, an African child dies and every single day, 30 000 children die because of poverty. That's a very sad statistic. It also means bad news for doggies like me as many of us would be destinied to remain strays since kids living in poverty cannot afford to adopt strays like us. So, do your part for the poor kids in the Third World countries who are facing a bleak future because of stark poverty. Many may not even live to see tomorrow. Please sign the online petition or buy a white "Make Poverty History" wristband. You can also buy a cool t-shirt or mug from the webpage too. It's your choice.

I wished I could do more, but since I am only a doggie, I will say a long prayer for social justice tonight for all the poor in the Third World. All of us are God's creatures and none of us should suffer because of any sort of inequalities due to the unequal distribution of resources. May the income gap between the rich and poor be narrowed as soon as possible. Together, we can do more for the world's poorest countries! God bless everyone out there; doggies too!

PS: If they made those white wristbands for doggies, I am sure Karen would buy 4 for me to wear around my paws! Make that 5....I forgot to count my tail!


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