Monday, June 27, 2005

Introduction To Me!!

Woof! Hello to everyone out there! My name is Brownie. Everyone calls me Brown Monster (for being a greedy girl), Brownie Roo (I look like a kangaroo when I stand on my hind legs) or Brown Brown (no need for explanation). I am writing this blog to share the story of my life to everyone out there. And I have a small little message too: Please be kind to animals, especially to strays as I was once homeless with no love and no family. But, because of my master (Sharon) who gave me a good home, everything changed! Now, I not only have a lovely home, I also have a loving extended family (my human cousin's, uncles, aunts, etc...) a special friend (Sharon's hubby, Jules) and a best friend (Sharon's cousin, Karen)! Aren't I lucky? Karen thinks that I am the BEST DOGGIE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and she gives me lots of TLC and pampering! A recent example of which was my birthday a few weeks ago. (Actually, no one knows when I was born or how old I am, but we decided to celebrate with Karen since she loves me so much). Here's a picture of me and my loving family...Daddy gave me a card (my 1st card!!) and some doggie snacks wrapped in a beautiful wrapper. Karen baked the muffins and I managed to eat one...hee hee! Hope everyone likes the painted family potrait! It was painted by a very talented artist who is extremely shy and wishes to remain anonymous! If her works get exhibited at the local museum, I will reveal the secret identity of this budding talent!

As the weeks go by, I will share more of my life story and post more photos. Everyone can read about my rags-to-riches story (or stray dog to star doggie tale). In the meantime, I hope that everyone likes my birthday picture. (PS: As I blew my candles and made my birthday wish, I wished for all the stray doggies out there to be able to find a good home).


Billy 8:47 am  

Dear little Brownie,

You are so blessed. I read quite a bit of your blog and I'm sooo happy you found your furever home.

I was a rescue too although my story isn't as sad as yours.

I would love to add you as one of my friends and visit you as often as I can...would that be okay with you?

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

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