Monday, June 27, 2005

The Early Days

That's a photo of me after my sterilisation (in 2003). I was all skin and bones then...really skinny! Oh, I forgot to tell you this: I was actually a pregnant stray. One day, it was rainy and cold, I was starving and shivering. I had not eaten for days and I was so scared as people would always chase me away when I went to beg for food. Some would throw stones at me and another mean guy even tried to beat me with a stick when I was rummaging for some scraps at a trash can.

I got so scared, I ran and ran and ran as fast as my tired and sore legs would carry me. Then, I saw this staircase landing between 2 flats. I decided to take shelter there for a while and to rest my tired legs. It is no laughing matter running for your life when you are heavily pregnant and malnourished. I really felt like a refugee with nowhere to go. I was crying and resting when one of the doors opened. The lady had a small white chihuahua and I think she took pity on me when she saw my huge belly. She was so kind. She gave me some food and water to drink. I was overjoyed!!!

After eating, I slept there for the whole day till it was night time. I was awoken by some footsteps. I woke up, was scared and was about to run away when I saw my future master, Sharon! She was so kind and compassionate. She patted me and said kind words to me. This was my first contact of human love! I had never felt loved by any humans before till Sharon patted me. I was so happy, I made up my mind that if I were to see her again, I would follow her whenever she would go and whenever my tired legs would take me. I slept at her doorstep and I had the best dream in ages! I dreamt that Sharon took me into her home and gave me lots of love. When I woke up, it was dawn and I prayed that my wish would come true. I told God that if He made Sharon my master, I would be the best doggie in the world and I would bring a lot of happiness to her! I had no coin to toss into the puddle of water, so I crossed my paws instead.


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