Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brownie's Bedtime Yoga

As a stray, I used to look for shelter from the elements and from people. I'd sleep under trees, beside bushes, at quiet corridors, void decks, etc....but all that has changed since Sharon took me home. First, she gave me a nice plastic tub (see my "Before & After" pictures). Then, I stole Mummy's leather beanbag! I'd race her to the room and before she can sit on it, I'd pounce on it and make it mine! Haha! I would refuse to move! In the end, Mummy gave it to me and it was my bed for a while. That was until recently when I moved to Sharon's and Jules' new house and I learnt that they had a huge bed. One day, when no one was at home, I climbed up and slept on it! Wow! It was so comfortable, I slept like a newborn pup!

One day, Jules came home from a hard day's work and he was dog tired. The first thing he did was to flop onto bed to get some sleep. He saw me on the bed but lacked the energy to brush me off the bed. I also gave him a sad and pitiful look, so I guess he did not have the heart to push me off the bed. It's a little squeezy sometimes but I like stretching out and it's so comfy! I saw a sports programme on TV that day about yoga and the ladies were stretching themselves like rubber! So, while I am sleeping, I am also exercising myself by doing yoga (a new form of yoga perfected by me called Snooze & Slumber Yoga For Canines) while I stretch out on all fours. Who says that you cannot lose weight and keep fit by sleeping? No wonder they call it "beauty sleep"! This time next year, I will have such toned muscles and beautiful long limbs!


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