Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bedtime Part 2

I managed to dig out some of my old photos yesterday and here's my precious black leather beanbag that I stole from Mummy. It's high quality calfskin leather, not the cheapo PVC sort. Unfortunately, as I've been using it as a trampoline to jump on as part of my fitness routine, part of the seams have come apart and some of the mini styrofoam balls (the fillings) have leaked out. I ate some of the styrofoam and Daddy got worried, so he got me a pillow and a bolster and tried to coax me to sleep human-style. It was a refreshing change but I went back to the beanbag again as I like jumping on it after running around the house like a racehorse. It's like doing the long jump after the 100m in the Olympics.


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