Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi all

Sorry I have been busy. I have been so pampered since the operation and I put on the 1.5 kg I lost because of it. What am I supposed to do? Now I am on a strict no SNACKS diet! I am so hungry! All I can think of is food, food, food. I was so hungry I attacked the dustbin!

But I didn't get a scolding at all cos Jules said I suffered enough because of the operation. And he said that if Mommy and Daddy could not resist chocolates than how could we blame their daughter...;)


A&S 11:00 am  

BROWNIE ROOOO! You're back! We sure missed you!

Amber-Mae 1:58 am  

Heya Brownie! I'm feeling much better today & my poo poo is back to normal! Whee! Oh, I just read you had an operation to remove lumps on ya. Glad it went well & it's all gone for now. Hopefully it will not come back. Did the doctor tell whether it's cancerous or what & whether there's a chance for it to come back again later?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

A&S 10:27 am  

more pictures please!

bunch o'mutts 2:33 pm  

Hi Brownie Roo,

thanks for stopping by our blog. We love your blog. You have such a great story to tell. Sophie in particular feels special connection with you because she was found homeless and wass adopted to a loving family. She sympathises with you on dieting too. Keep going girl, it's no fun to be overweight.
Sophie, Roscoe, Lou

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